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Thinking about starting? Anyone else fancy sharing the journey with me?

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LPO Thu 14-Jul-11 11:10:33

DS 2.3. My first so have no idea what I'm doing.
We've had a potty in the house for a while but as much as he finds it fun to sit on he has never done anything.
I have pull-up pampers that he started wearing today to try 'ease' him into it. But this morning I let him run around naked for an hour, which he hated and spent the whole time asking for his nappy. He did 3 accidents and then we succeeded with 1 wee on the potty. He has freaked out all morning about the 'mess' and keeps wanting me to hold him. He is refusing to let out the poo that he clearly needs to do.

Anyone else?

girlywhirly Thu 14-Jul-11 13:05:19

He's not ready. Give another 2-3mths before trying again.

eastegg Thu 14-Jul-11 13:15:45

My DS is 2 and 2 months. I also don't really know what I'm doing and haven't started yet (other than just sitting him on potty when he shows an interest; he hasn't done anything yet). I haven't done any reading on the subject, but my mum has recommended getting training pants and sitting him on the potty at times when he's got a habit of going (he often has a poo in the first hour or 2 after getting up). The idea is he'll get the idea of what it's for and start telling you. I think pull-ups serve the same purpose as the pants my mum's on about. If he wants his nappy, I'd just leave it.

I'm holding off for fear of starting too soon and putting him off. We've got DC2 due in 10 weeks so the last thing I want is a big nightmare over it. At the same time, I want to do it soon.

LPO Thu 14-Jul-11 16:09:04

When he got up from his nap he tried again, lots of wee everywhere, none in the potty.
So this afternoon I decided to try him on our toilet with a seat on it and he has been a lot happier. Still hasn't done anything, all wees are done in his pull-ups, and no poo (although he keeps telling me he needs it). He has happily sat on the toilet twice when i have asked him and once when he asked me. He keeps saying 'no wee, no poo, ok' and jumping off again.

MissMississippi Thu 14-Jul-11 19:44:23


I started today too (DS is 2.2) and would love to go on this journey with you too!

He was naked from the waist down most of the day. We have also had the potty for ages and I have been reading a potty book to him. I explained what was happening today to him (i.e. no more nappies, potty is for poo and wee). I was next to him all morning for 2 hours asking him if he wanted to pee - nothing. Then I went into the kitchen for 2 minutes and came back, and there was a little poo on the floor and he was sitting on the potty to do the rest of it. I gave him some stickers. He has done 3 poos in the potty today (he didn't poo at all yesterday unlike him) and 1 wee. Apart from the first poo on the floor. He only had one other poo accident, he asked for pants in the afternoon, and then later on he did a poo in them. So no more pants for him! Wees were less successful. He did one in the potty, once on the floor (I caught some with him standing, once in training pants (he didn't mind being wet!), and once on when sitting on my lap.

So tomorrow, no pants! I hope he manages to choose to go to wee in the potty, as he chose a couple of times himself to poo in the potty, and chose to go to poo when I asked if he needed (I asked like 40 times today).

So poos successful (99%), wees less so (10%).

LPO Thu 14-Jul-11 20:19:03

Our success rate is 2% on both fronts.
We decided to try mummy and daddy's toilet instead of the potty as the potty had become a scary thing to him for some reason.
But as many times as he asked to go on the toilet for a poo he didn't produce anything at all and is now very constipated. As for wees he is just doing them in his pull-ups. I am going to take it slowly with him tomorrow. and keep asking him to go on the toilet regularly. But expecting him to continue without progressing much sadly.

LPO Thu 14-Jul-11 20:19:49

I don't want to push him to much when he was getting so upset by it.

notcitrus Thu 14-Jul-11 20:44:46

Ds is 2.10 and we're about to try again.
Tried a few months ago when he was happily talking about the potty and play-sitting on it and chose some Thomas Tank Engine pants and would talk about weeing in the potty and pooing in the potty etc.
All very excited until we put the pants on on day 1. Five minutes later he wet himself. I have never seen such shock and horror on a child's face.
Cleaned him up, new pants and trousers, went to nursery.

After a week of no joy (except a couple poos, because he tends to be slightly constipated so you get a good 10 minutes warning!), we gave up.

For the last few weeks he's been in pull-ups and been made to practice pulling them and trousers up and down, because if he couldn't get that it wasn't going to work. He will sit on the potty pre every nappy change, but I think is actively clenching and refusing to wee despite chanting 'if I do wee in potty, I get chocolate button'...
He's currently the only one in his class at nursery not using the potty or toilet. But the staff who had been convinced he was ready were then saying "I've been doing this for years and never met a child like ds before" - whereas I've at least been an intensely logical stubborn git like he is! blush

I tried introducing him to the little toilet at John Lewis. He inspected carefully and said 'it's scary'. So I got a toilet seat insert and stuck it on his head to prove he couldn't fall through it, which he agrees. But doesn't want to use it.

Hopefully the weather will be OK this weekend for playing in the garden and peeing everywhere and cluing him in, as the plan is to try again on Monday. Thing is, he is the opposite of the 'I do it!' child - would love to be carried everywhere, fed, stay in nappies forever, etc, so I think we have to do what we've done with other things and just say no to nappies...

Sorry, that turned into an essay but I try so hard not to constantly talk about ds and poo etc in real life!

Ineedmetime Thu 14-Jul-11 22:33:25

I am thinking about starting to potty train in august (only reason I'm not starting now is because we have to go and visit family 300 miles away) (long car journey) I think when we go for it we will buy a load of pants for dd and just use nappys for bedtimes till she gets the idea. so far dd hasn't really shown a lot of interest in her potty(shes 2yr 8m) I'm not worrying too much at the mo. ds was 3 years + when he got the idea.

Kirky12 Fri 15-Jul-11 13:50:21

Notcitrus my DS sounds exactly like yours. We started last Saturday - some success one wee one poo in potty but nothing since...there seems to be a potty phobia happening. The nursery didnt have ANY advice after a whole day of him refusing to wee on the little toilets and he repeatedly waited till after he'd been on a toilet visit and then wee'd in his trousers. I also found he doesnt seem THAT bothered by the wetness- I was hoping that would be the key. The only chink of hope is that he repeatedly has sadi he doesn't want the nappys back on...oh hes 2.10 too ...and VERY VERY determined even bribery he can resist!

notcitrus Sun 24-Jul-11 18:58:31

Hi Kirky,
We're on day 7, with mixed results - he's certainly learnt how to hold on for ages!

Advice from my aunt (has 7 kids) and cousin (two stubborn boys aged 4+5) is they only get pants if they're good at weeing in the potty. Apparently weeing in pants feels like nappy even if it then goes down the leg, whereas if they're naked from the waist down then they really will go to the pot rather than wee on themselves.
A couple tests this afternoon suggest it's a good idea. Will see how next week goes (not sorry to send him back to nursery!) But he's started saying 'I want pants!' and is currently sitting on a potty while watching telly...

Fortunately he really wants the scooter that he'll get after 20 days of good pottying. Hopefully he won't realise that I really want him to have a scooter so I can stop wrestling with the pushchair!

sportinguista Mon 25-Jul-11 13:25:48

My DS is less than a month from 2 and I was not really considering it until just before holiday in June/July and especially since has shown lots of signs that he may be ready ie. being aware of doing both poos and wees and wanting to be changed as soon as he's done them. Also he is taking a lot of interest in the toilet and what it's for, I've explained to him about going to the toilet and using the potty and he has sat on it (clothed).

Am I jumping the gun and expecting too much as he is quite young and various friends have said their boys especially trained much later?

I don't want to confuse him but equally if he's ready I don't want to make him wait because of what I've been advised.

I am going to try and start a week before his birthday and week after as myself and DH have 2 weeks off at home and we can have time and space to do it.

Am not bothered if he doesn't get it as we will try again if it doesn't happen. After all he won't be still in nappies at 18!

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