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Big Fat Fail

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jobnockey Wed 13-Jul-11 13:19:10

Posted on here a couple of weeks ago about whether it was right time to start. DS (2.6) was showing signs of readiness and quite frankly I’m bored of nappies, so, yesterday we started…

Went to shops, bought big boy pants, potty etc together, got home, removed nappy and put on pants. All good so far. Had accident almost immediately, which I just said whoops and cleared up, then another, then another. Managed to get one wee on potty which earned him 1 choc button and a star for the star chart. He later became resistant to me asking him to sit on his potty and just refused to, and then wee’ed on the carpet 2 seconds later and laughed about it. Even when I got him to sit on potty and wee successfully, 3 minutes later he’d just do another one in his pants, I’d clean it up and then he’d do another. Its like he doesn’t get it all out in one go. I was playing with him all afternoon so I would be ready with the potty whenever he needed it but he would literally run into the other room to get something then shout through ‘mummy I’ve done a wee on the floor’ – this happened 4 times!

I think he was withholding poo to be honest as that wasn’t an issue (he’s usually a 4 a day boy)

He does tell me after he’s done a wee but also seems to think its funny to do it on the floor.

I’m ashamed to say I actually gave up yesterday and put him back in a nappy… I was getting stressed out and didn’t want to lose it with him (I asked him about wearing his pants and he told me he wanted to be a baby in a nappy… so I agreed to it!)

I don’t understand it, as he usually does anything for a chocolate button and even that wasn’t working. I actually think he is just stubborn and doesn’t like doing things people want him to do…

Anyway… should I try again tomorrow or should I wait for a little while until he’s more ‘in the mood’… I don’t know if I’m just being impatient to ditch the nappies…

Brynn Wed 13-Jul-11 19:12:44

Not much help to offer I'm afraid, but some sympathy - sounds exactly like my DS (2.10), up to and including the "I want a baby nappy" part.

Frustrating thing is, that just over a month ago he was almost completely dry. He was even asking to use the toilet when we were out. Then I don't know what happened - it was like his motivation just disappeared. Now we seem to be stuck in a "do you need a wee?", "no, no wee", followed by wee on the floor 2-3 minutes later. Tonight he wee'd all over the bathroom floor as I was helping him clean his teeth - he was standing right next to the toilet!

I'm tempted to give up too, tbh. I thought I'd carry on so long as he didn't seem to be getting anxious about using the potty, but I'm doing nothing but clean up wee! I can't figure out whether DS has realised that refusing the potty is a fun way to control me (he does love his battles and is infuriatingly strong-willed and tenacious), or if he's genuinely not realising he needs to wee until it's too late.

nimbs Wed 13-Jul-11 21:45:09

he might not be quite ready - my son was the same - without pants he was brilliant as soon as he was in pants he peed/pooed everywhere! we left it a while and he was pottytrained quite easily when he was a little older.

Jane054848 Wed 13-Jul-11 22:42:58

Hi nimbs - I was just about to ask for help on that exact thing. My DS is 3.1. We tried to potty train about 4 months ago, and he could do it sometimes but clearly found it quite stressful and upsetting and hated having accidents, so after 3 weeks we packed it in.

Just started again because nursery says he must be trained by the time he starts in September. The first 2 days we kept him naked from the waist down and he was perfect, doing poos and wees on the loo without any prompting with no accidents. But in pants or trousers, he can't get a single one in the loo or potty - he doesn't even try to get there, just tells us afterwards. It's definitely not on purpose - he feels sad about it and even said, when I told him I loved him, "Do you still love me when I don't do a poo on the loo?". But WHY? WHY??? Why does he know when he needs to go if he's naked, but not if he is wearing anything? And what should we do - have more days of practice when naked, or just keep going in case he gets the hang of it. I'd love to stop but it's not really an option, as I feel he needs a couple of months to practice so that he won't have too many accidents at nursery.

Thanks! Will also post this as a separate thread in case anyone else has pearls of wisdom.

AllYourCakeAreBelongToMe Wed 13-Jul-11 22:48:30

Dunno if this helps, but I put DS in pants part time when I potty trained him. I'd do an hour or two of potty training in the morning, then put him in nappies for a break. Seemed to relax him, and me, a bit (it's a technique used in The No-Cry Potty-Training Solution by Elizabeth Pantley).

glassescase Wed 13-Jul-11 23:59:55

Love it "no Cry Potty Training" by Elizabeth Pantley!!grin


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