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potty training disaster following UTI? advice appreciated

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bubblebabeuk Tue 12-Jul-11 11:27:41

My DD2 was showing all the sign of being ready for potty training, so out came the potty and she was consistently doing all her wee's in the potty, poo's were another matter, one on my foot and another under the table, but such is life.........

about a month ago she came down with a UTI, cue hysterical screaming on weeing, still in the potty though, although frequently and clearly with pain, she had antibiotics and vast quanities of cranbury juice, UTI went away. since then she started refusing point blank to use the potty or the toilet (with and without a child seat on it) we have had numerous accidents....... in fact not a single wee in the potty.

following advice from my health visitor I put her in nappies again (she's 26 months old) she hates them, takes them off herself the minute they are wet or soiled (this in itself is great as it entertains her younger brother who takes the opertunity to utilise the contents for making art on my kitchen cupboard door this morning, when I turned my back to make a cup of tea), she tells you when she needs a wee or has done one but refuses point blank to the point of becoming hysterical to sit on the potty or toilet. She tells you she doesn't like nappies, she wants to wear her big girl pants, but the minute she feels the need to wee, she starts getting distressed and demanding a nappy, she even gets out the changing mat and the nappy, I suspect if she could manage it she would try putting it on as well. Once its on she immediately wee's or poo's then wants it off again and big girl pants back on.

Prior to the UTI she would happily sit on the potty and read a book with me, now she won't go anywhere near it and gets hysterical if you even suggest it, believe me I've tried everything at this point, even chocolate button bribary, special sitting on the potty toys and books, sticker charts, nothing is working.

I am wondering if she now associates the potty with painful weeing? we have 2 potties but they are identically, would I be wasting my time and money buying another potty that looks completely different in the hope she might be prepared to use it? does anyone have any suggestions at all, I'm really at the end of my teather now, the cupboard poo painting incident this morning actually reduced me to tears.

My DD1 was a dream to train where am I going wrong???

bubblebabeuk Thu 14-Jul-11 06:37:58

Wow thanks for the help everyone.........................

GingerbreadGiraffe Thu 14-Jul-11 06:47:31

gosh I am really tempted to reply now - nice attitude.

girlywhirly Thu 14-Jul-11 08:07:44

bubble, I feel really sorry for your DD. UTI causes awful stinging and burning when she wees, and also difficulty holding on. I'm not at all surprised she won't use her potties and sees them as the root of all her discomfort. Even now the infection has cleared up, the fear of pain is still very real. I know it sound illogical, but she must think every time she needs a wee that it will hurt. Even if it doesn't, the next one might etc. So she regresses to using a nappy because she didn't have that pain using a nappy. DD has to realise for herself that weeing doesn't hurt anymore wherever she does it.

You could risk leaving her in pants, and when she tells you she needs to wee/poo put her in a cheap value nappy for this and remove immediately to prevent any mess. No point in using best quality nappies for each wee or poo. Save them for nights.

I think you might have to get different potties. Perhaps DD would be more willing to use a potty of her own choosing, so that it has no associations with the pain of the UTI. You could line the potty with a cheap nappy if she feels better using it that way. When she is completely happy on the potty again, you can start to think about removing the nappy.

bubblebabeuk Thu 14-Jul-11 09:13:51

Thanks girlywhirly will try that I think, its just so frustrating and disheartening at the minute sad

bubblebabeuk Thu 14-Jul-11 09:17:25

Thanks also for your useful input Ginger???, I can understand your point but did come looking for advice maybe if I'd started a thread in AIBU regarding my son's new hobby of poo painting perhaps I would of had more luck.

GingerbreadGiraffe Thu 14-Jul-11 20:10:02

yes but sarcasm when you are after support is just unpleasant and isnt exactly a welcome to a poster with advice. Which I had.

Seem girly has made some helpful points which is good.

I hope your DD feels better soon- all the best.

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