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Signs of being ready to potty train at 20 months, but is it too early?

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mondayschild Sun 10-Jul-11 22:14:26

DS is almost 20 months and I'm increasingly stating to think that he's showing signs of being ready including:
-telling us that he's done a poo (has been doing this fairly reliably for the last few months)
-general interst in the toilet
-trying to pull his nappy off/not being keen for a new nappy to be put on when he's being changed (fairly new development over the last week or so)
-some evidence that he may have a bit of bladder control e.g we've started letting him sit on the potty (which he's happy to do) especially during nappy free time before his bath. He's done a couple of wees into it, which were greated with lots of clapping etc and he was clearly really pleased with himself. More often than not though he waits until he actually gets into the bath then does a massive wee. It's as if he wants to wee in the bath (typical!) and can wait until he gets in there.

Tbh, I had thought that there was no point even thinking about potty training until at least 2 and I certainally don't want to rush him for my own sake. On the other hand, I don't want to hold him back if he is ready and is starting to be concious about it/feeling uncomfortable etc.

I'd be really interested to hear other people's experiences and what everyone thinks. Also if he is maybe ready, should we carry on with the casual offering a potty at nappy change and bathtime, or try a more concerted putting him on the potty every half an hour approach?


girlywhirly Mon 11-Jul-11 07:53:32

If DS was sitting himself on the potty and doing a wee, I would say you have a good chance, but at the moment go with potty at each nappy change, and after meals. If you find he does something each time and the wees are quite big, you'll know he is progressing.

To have success with training, DS needs to be aware of what he needs to do and where, before he does it, so he needs to tell you and hold on while you get his nappy off and him on the potty. At the moment, I think the approach you have suggested is the best one. You never know, he might be really quick to catch on!

jasper1980 Mon 11-Jul-11 08:20:04

My dd potty trained at 21 months and was
Dry at night jus after her 2nd birthday. No harm in letting him have lots of nappy free time at home if you are staying in. We sort of knew dds signals just before a wee so would whip her onto the potty. Took a week. BUT she was talking in full sentences, very verbal and stubborn. She decided no more nappy etcgrin

You could always get some pullups for in the house. Easier to whip down if you think he needs to go. And if he is getting it, ditch them! Lots of people say to wait but if you feel he is there go for it.

But don't put pressure on yourself if it turns out he isnt ready either wink

Dd was actually dry at 18 months. But Christmas overwhelmed her and she went back into nappies till 21 months. smile

mondayschild Mon 11-Jul-11 09:57:52

Thanks for the replies and your suggestions. Think we'll carry on with the potty at nappy/bathtime and also maybe after meals. More nappy free time sounds good too - right time of year for it!

Will just see how he does and take it from there. I agree there's quite a big difference between being able to tell he's done something and knowing when to hold on because it's on its way. If it does seem that he's starting to get it, great. If not, it's no biggie and we'll try again when he's a bit older smile

moojie Tue 12-Jul-11 21:34:23

I would recommend reading the book "potty training boys" sorry can't remember who it is by. My ds was showing the same signs at a similar age. We followed the advice in the book and did nappy off time in "sessions" ie. An afternoon/morning here and there. We have had success some days and no success others! He has just turned 2 and in the past week has been coming to ask me to change his nappy straight after he has done a wee/poo. Today however he has done all wee's in the potty. Stick with what you are doing and gradually increase it. I felt all the advice was to just go for it but a slower approach has worked really well for us! Good luck!

mondayschild Thu 14-Jul-11 22:43:08

That sounds like it would be a really useful book - I'll have a look out for it, thanks.

We've been doing some more nappy free time, which DS is enjoying (think he just likes running around in the nud!) and there haven't been any accidents yet. Not got as far as actually going to the potty yet, but he seems to be holding on more - nappies stay dry longer then get quite soggy really quickly as if he's just done one massive wee.

Hope everything carries on going well for you too.

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