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So for potty training... do we need a potty?!

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noisylurker Sun 10-Jul-11 19:57:16

DS is 23 months.

He has become very aware of his 'wee wee' and regularly pulls his nappy down, says 'wee wee' and wants to sit on the toilet, where we have a child sized seat.

Thing is, when he gets there he'll do a little bit, dab and get off proud as punch. But he's not actually doing enough there to count as toilet training! We've had a few accidents while the nappy's off so he's obviously got the right idea (sort of) but no full on toilet success.

In a few weeks time when we get back from holiday and I'm off work, I'm thinking about having a go at the whole potty training thing.

I'm hoping to make it as relaxed as possible and let him lead the way... I still need to find out a bit more about it!

Any tips would be very gladly received; I've started reading through other threads on here as well. But my main question is as the thread title... will we manage with the kids seat or will we actually need a potty?!

SilveryMoon Sun 10-Jul-11 20:02:23

Erm, I'm just doing ds2 who is 2.5yrs.
I'd have loved to have taken mine straight to the toilet, but they seem to be a little frightened of it.
Both mine completely freaked out, so I have no experience of going straight to a toilet.
I suppose if your ds wants to use the toilet, then you should def do it that way, cuts out a whole phase.
The only issue I can think of in terms of going straight to the toilet is what happens when you are in the middle of a shop?
I whip the potty out where ever we are and have a big wide-neck bottle that I pour the pee in. I know that's pretty yuk but I lent a friend the travel potty and she is yet to return it.
Maybe you could go for padded pants so when he tells you he needs a wee and you try to leg it to the toilets, if he doesn't make it, it may not be a huge wardrobe disaster wink

Firawla Sun 10-Jul-11 20:08:15

If he's happy to use the toilet i would just stick with that? I wanted to do that but ds was scared at first so had to use a potty to begin with, but as yours seems fine to sit there then I wouldn't see the need particularly to go for a potty. As for when you're out there are travel potties you can get which convert into a seat for toilets, I have it but forgot the name of it, the one which folds up really small into a bag. Have never needed to use it as a potty while out but comes in handy as a child seat for public toilets

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