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regressed after 2 months..... help!

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gd1976 Sun 10-Jul-11 11:35:23

My DS in 2y9 and we pretty successfully potty trained a couple of months ago. He was dry after a few days and poos are still 50/50 in pants/loo! So we were fairly pleased with how it went.
Having seen friends have a nightmare we went for the very relaxed approach and were then pleasantly suprised how well it went. I started off using a sticker chart, which soon turned to a jelly baby and a sticker chart which proved very effective.
In the last few days he has had slightly damp pants and really protested to going to the loo. However he really does need to go and will then have a big wee when we persue the issue. He has got worse over the last few days and now never stays properly dry although he doesn't do a 'full' wee in his pants. Poos havent been good either but I'm more worried about the wees and we were doing so well and I don't want to handle this badly and end up having a really difficult time. He used to say when he needed a wee and now he doesn't. I'm thinking about re introducing the sticker chart and jelly baby as this gradually phased out naturally after the first few weeks. I've made no fuss when he has these accidents although I don't give him so much praise when he does go on the loo as I did when we first started training, so maybe I need to jump around and sing and dance again when we have a successful wee on the loo.....?? He started using the potty and he was very happy to then use the loo fairly quickly, and now he mostly uses the loo. Maybe he has a fear of it?? I've also managed to take a urine sample this morning so I will check if he has a urinary tract infection tomorrow- he had a fever at the beginning of the week for a few days so I'm just wondering if this has anything to do with it.....

I would be really grateful for any advice as I know how important it is to handle these things carefully!


imadgeine Sun 10-Jul-11 21:48:01

Maybe he feeling a bit off colour then and that is the reason. They do go forward and backward and 2.9 is quite young to have it completely under control. Stay chilled and have another blitz in a few days time maybe. Be prepared for a few good and not so good patches in the next few months.

newmumforever Mon 11-Jul-11 01:36:06

shit or get off the pot!

think about it

gd1976 Mon 11-Jul-11 08:57:34

Thank you for the advice. My DH went away yesterday and has been great again from the moment he walked out of the door! Not sure if this is a coincidence so we'll see when he gets back on thursday.... All was going very well until my husband came home last time, maybe ds is pushing the boundaries with him??

imadgeine Mon 11-Jul-11 17:41:05

Maybe he likes having you all to himself! smile

gd1976 Fri 22-Jul-11 10:51:07

Good point! However things have gone backwards again...... He has a screaming tantrum every time we suggest having a wee on the loo/ potty . However when we eventually manage to get him on he then has a huge wee which he's obviously been holding in. For example, first thing in the morning he refuses to go. If we don't persue the matter he will then wet his pants a bit about 30 mins later which upsets him and then will pretty happily finish the rest of it off on the loo/potty.
I feel like I either need to just not mention going at all and let him wet himself and see what effect that has ( I know this may be the right thing to do but I'm pretty reluctant when the way we're coping at the moment we don't have too many accidents although I realise he doesn't have a good relationship with going at the moment which obviously isn't good) or should I take him to mothercare and try buying a new novelty potty together which might distract him from the phobia??!

girlywhirly Fri 22-Jul-11 14:28:52

Are you and DH taking the same approach, or are there differences i.e. is DH more likely to get cross or make a big issue of accidents? Or is it just the normal routine changes when Dad comes home and unsettles him.

Go back to lots of praise for successes. Up the rewards. Think about what might tempt him to the loo, what about those floating balls with faces on to aim at in the loo?

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