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3.4yr old DD holding poos and really suffering. Any help please!!

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Elmosong Thu 07-Jul-11 20:32:27

If anyone has any advice I'd be so grateful. I'm starting to feel quite desperate.

My DD 3.4yrs never took very easily to potty training (started at 2.8yrs). It was on off success for a while, often resorting to smarties to bribe her to potty or loo for a wee. The problem she always had was holding on for hours on end and only going with myself or DH. She rarely wet her pants.

Throughout all this she has refused to do poos in the loo or potty - it HAS to be in a nappy. I've been careful not to pressurise too much on this but have tried gentle encouragement at various intervals.... to no avail.

5 days ago she had an upset tummy and did a runny poo in her nappy which was a bit messy. She was quite upset by it and has refused to do a poo ever since. She really really needs to go and spends all day every day holding it in, crossing her legs, grinding on a chair etc. She has become quite withdrawn and the concentration and effort of all this is exhausting her. She's waking up at night, presumably as she's so uncomfortable but still refuses to go.

I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm trying not to pressurise or bang on about it as I know that will backfire, but I am occasionally trying to encourage her to put a nappy on and give it a go. She'll put the nappy on but then can't make herself try. She's getting really upset about it.

Her diet is healthy, lots of fruit and fibre.

Do I resort to laxatives which might result in tummy aches and more explosive poo (which might compound the problem as it was a runny poo that started it) or do I just sit it out and hope she will eventually give it a go and risk more days of misery? (for her)

Spoke to Doc who basically said at this stage it was my decision.

Sorry, bit of a long one but if any replies appreciated.

hugeleyoutnumbered Thu 07-Jul-11 20:46:12

oh gosh poor both of you, give her raisins and prune juice that will sort her out and she will feel better afterward, be warned prune juice works quickly, also make sure she is drinking plenty too. Also worth noting that after an intial bm she may well have loose stools again

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