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nappy at night - when to stop?

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nicmuz Wed 06-Jul-11 18:40:31

Hi all

My little girl is 3yrs 5 mths and has been potty trained in the day for nearly a year but she is still wetting her nappy of a night. i have said to her that when she is ready we can take the nappy off but she seems happy to keep it on and it is never dry. she doesnt drink before bed and always has a wee before i put it on but this doesnt matter.

any ideas on how to train or is it best just to leave it till she is ready and dry?


RuthChan Wed 06-Jul-11 20:13:07

Leave it.
It sounds like she's absolutely fine.
As long as she is trained in the day, she is completely fine and doing well.
English doctors only consider there to be a problem if they are still in nappies at night at the age of 6.

My DD only came out at night in January at the age of 4.2.
She was wetting every night and then suddenly something clicked and she was able to go through the night.
I did a deal with her that she could go to bed in pants if she was able to give me dry nappies three mornings in a row. It worked well and she has had barely any accidents since then.
Wait until she's dry in the morning and is ready. There's no reason to rush it.

Jojay Wed 06-Jul-11 20:16:08

Don't worry about it. When she's ready it'll happen by itself.

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