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Is now a good time?

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oinkyoink Mon 04-Jul-11 22:47:45

Im wondering whether to start dd1 with potty training or not. We have just come back from spending 3.5 weeks at my parents house abroad and I have dc2 due in 6 weeks time.

She is quite savvy but I'm anxious that it's too close too new baby arriving. But she should have it sussed within 6 weeks or??? Then if I don't do it now I've to wait until she's accustomed to new baby etc which could be another month or probably two....

Appreciate opinions.

Ps am on mat leave now so have lots of time with her at the moment.

girlywhirly Tue 05-Jul-11 08:58:29

Why not try a potty practice, where she sits on the potty at each nappy change to get used to it? She can wear nappies between times. If she takes to this, is happy to sit, and manages to do something some of the time all well and good. It is a gentle approach and there is no pressure. If there is any resistance, or getting off the potty to wee on the floor, or getting upset, stop.

She might take the lead and put herself on the potty if you leave her nappy free with the potty to hand. If she does this and does something in the potty, she obviously knows what she needs to do and the place to do it in advance of wetting or soiling herself and you may have a chance with more pro-active potty training. Be prepared for relapses and attention seeking behaviour after the new baby, though.

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