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How hard should it be?!

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MessyMummy768 Mon 04-Jul-11 11:33:18

I have started PT my DS 2.4 this morning. I was dubious about starting as I do wonder if he is too young but he has shown some interest in his potty before, will tell me sometimes if he has done a wee and is more than happy to be out of his nappy! As it is warm weather and I am due to return to work from maty leave in the next 6 weeks I thought why not give it a go! So far we have had more accidents than successes; 2 wee's in the potty and 2 big accidents and about 4 smaller little ones. He has informed me when there is a puddle! I'm offering him the potty every 20 mins. My question is, should I be sticking with this (my plan is to stay home for a few days with him half naked) or should I stop and give him more time to come to it on his own? Advice greatly appreciated!

girlywhirly Mon 04-Jul-11 13:41:21

One day of accidents isn't much when just starting, but if you don't get most wees and poos in the potty by the end of the week, you might want to reconsider. At the moment you are just catching wees, DS isn't actually asking to go, so I think you could be in for lots of accidents if he is only telling you after it has happened. Having said that, DS might have got the idea by tomorrow. There is also a risk of DC getting fed up of being put on the potty so frequently, and then you get problems with them doing nothing and then wetting as soon as they get up.

My DS nursery said a good indication of whether they are ready for training is if you leave them bare bottomed with a potty close by, and if they sit themselves on it to do a wee or poo without you reminding them or putting them on at set times. This means that they are aware in advance that they need the potty, and are able to hold on long enough to sit on it before they do anything. They also relied on them to ask the staff for the potty, and yes there were accidents, but by and large the DC were proud to be in charge of their own needs and successes with the potty. They would say 'potty!' loudly and someone would help them quickly. With my DS wearing trousers and pants confused him on the first day, (felt like a nappy) so he just wore pants and he knew there was nothing there to soak up a wee. This worked well! You could put your DS in loose elastcated waist shorts with no pants under to go out.

BikeRunSki Mon 04-Jul-11 13:50:17

I waited until DS was 2.7, mostly because I was ill for ages, then we had 2 days of accidents, 2 days of withholding. On 5th day he said "no pants". A week later he said "pants today". 2 accidents that day, 1 the next and only 2 since - that was about 2 months ago.

Debs75 Mon 04-Jul-11 13:57:32

If you start them at the right time then it should be easy. Unfortnately each kid has his/her own right time. DD2 is 2.10 and we have been trying for 3 weeks with great success. She will pop herself on the potty and is happy to poo or wee. With knickers on it has been a bit hit and miss and she often has accidents. These are usualy little acidents and then she goes on the potty to finish the wee.
I have tried asking her if she needs to go but she is too obstinate so now i only ask her before we need to go to nursery or before a mealtime

chumble Mon 04-Jul-11 14:03:07

Agree with Debs75 if your child is ready it is relatively easy.

Both my DC led the way and it was fairly straightforward. A few accidents but not that many. Just be prepared to stop and toilet as soon as child says and pre-empt toiletting after meals etc.

Mt two decided to toilet train prior to and on holidays so I have 'fond' memories of pulling over in France to toilet my DS. Interestingly he was potted trained at almost the same age as his sister despite all the advice evertyone gave me that boys take longer than girls.

Let them lead the way and it should be straightforward imo. Unfortunately it is not always convenient for you as we found with both our children.....

MessyMummy768 Mon 04-Jul-11 21:43:44

Thank you for the feedback. By lunchtime I had decided it was too soon for him. On one occassion he was just sat in his wee and didn't even say anything, or seem aware - perhaps that was due to Peppa Pig! Anyway, I've decided to hold off for a few weeks and leave the potty in the room to see if he shows any interest again, if so I will restart. I don't want to push him and end up with a long drawn out battle, especially with having a 7mth old as well - I don't relish the idea of them rolling into puddles!!

MarianH Wed 06-Jul-11 11:41:08


I knew.

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