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great start now not so great..shall I stop?

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fothergill Fri 01-Jul-11 17:45:28

DD2 2.7mths great communicator seemed ready and in fact very quickly learnt to go at will and hold wees til we got to toilet. Not perfect at telling me but generally happily announced her need to go for wees and poos. That was about 3 weeks ago and this week she has gone back to weeing where she is stood and definitely has developed some problem with pooing in the toilet. Just now we had a chat about telling me if she felt it coming (3 days withheld poop) and I had promised her a reward if she told me then having turned my back to make tea, she just weed all over her fuzzy felt and did it in her pants. Again. She won't tell me why she doesn't want to do poo in the toilet or why she has stopped going in her potty herself for wees. i don't mind reminding her but our rug is suffering and even me reminding her clearly didn't work today.
Should I stop? Back in nappies? Ugh. Didn't have this problem last time...
I don't want to make the poo into an issue but am struggling not to be calm an not p'eed off as I know she was doing it fine.
Sorry if this repeats any other threads but I am beaten today and probably just wanted to rant/get some bolstering in my wet crusade.

Brynn Sat 02-Jul-11 11:55:16

Hi, my DS(2.10) is currently going through more or less the same thing. He was dry for about a week, then it was as if he just lost interest and could no longer see the point. Any efforts on my part to try and make the potty/toilet fun again were initially met with enthusiasm (e.g. character pants), which then wore off again after a day.

I'm leaning towards stopping and trying again in a few months (new baby on the way next month and he's starting pre-school soon), but would be interested to hear other experiences too.

Madlizzy Sat 02-Jul-11 11:57:15

Put her back in nappies for a bit to ease the pressure on both of you and try again in a month or so. You can keep the potty around for when she's got a bare bum and still be encouraging in the meantime, but no pressure.

gisti Sat 02-Jul-11 14:18:50

Reading other posts I see I'm not alone in my frustration, but need to air it anyway! Would love some advice.
I trained my 2 older daughters when they were 28 months old(in 1 week) and 22 months old (in 3 weeks) so wasn't worried about doing daughter no. 3 but she's a nightmare. Attempted training 2 months ago - within 3 days she would wee on request in any potty or loo but didn't progress and had 3+ accidents a day. Stopped after 3 weeks. Restarted 2 weeks ago. For the first few days we only had one accident each day but I was putting her on loo or potty every hour. Occasionally she even pulled her own clothes down and went on the potty on her own. She seems to have regressed, we are getting 3 accidents a day again. The main problems are:
1. Sometimes she will do a big wee and not do another for 2 hours, but other times she'll do a fairly big wee in the potty, then another in her pants 20 minutes later. So it's impossible to work out sensible time intervals to ask her - putting her on every half hour will only make her bladder used to containing tiny amounts at a time.
2. Often 2 minutes after I've asked her if she wants to go she'll wee in her pants 2 feet away from her potty chair. She doesn't seem to know she needs to go yet does have control to wee on request most of the time.
3. I'm not sure she realises that only weeing in the right place is good, not weeing generally. I repeatedly praise her for successes, emphasising that what's good is her weeing ON the potty or loo and tell her what's wrong when she has an accident.
I think the main issue may be that she doesn't empty her bladder properly when she goes, but the only sure way to get her to do this is sit her on the pot in front of the TV - otherwise she just gets off.
Sorry this is so long but I am getting really upset and desperate - we go on holiday in under a month and in September she starts nursery school for which she has to be trained, so I can't put it off any longer.

ironingisboring Sun 03-Jul-11 20:35:23

Hi fothergill and gisti - having about the same torrid time as you two by the looks of things. DD is 2.5 and at 2 was using the loo with her step and "special seat", all going well - she was even going upstairs on her own. We went on holiday at the end of May and since then she has completely regressed and myself and DH are at our wits end - today she stood in front of DH and announced she was weeing. We thought it might be that we had returned to using pull ups - and that she thought it was ok to wee and poo in thm so we have gone back to pants but alas she is doing everything in them and in front of us!!

Feel it is a shame to go back to "proper" nappies - but do we continue with pull ups and give the loo a rest - and ourselves!!! or do we persevere??? Can't see the point of everyone being upset - but defo feel the pressure from everyone else that she is getting too old for nappies! Just want to cuddle her and tell her its ok for now and return to a peaceful house. It doesn't make it any better that DS was clean and dry at just over 18 months and never had an accident!!!

fothergill Tue 05-Jul-11 12:42:06

We are now on a star chart and have a prize that she wants waiting at the end of this week for her. Lots of praise and fuss seem to be keeping her concentrated on the job in hand. She still isn't going on her own again but at least responding to reminders.
Pooping however is clearly a problem in her head. Caught her crying earlier and realised it was her poo coming that was upsetting her. Have yet to meet that particular poo today but all the ones in the past have been soft so am not aware that she is constipated...she has never said it hurts so I guess 2 years of pooing stood up without having to deal with, um, 'meeting it' is making sitting on a toilet with bottom in fresh air a bit of an ordeal.
I am resisting nappy return just yet although yes on holiday in a few weeks too!
Why I am resisting I am not sure as I have to follow her round watching her face without freaking her out, which is far from restful.
How does anyone resolve this? Just a phase. Repeat to mirror.

fothergill Tue 20-Sep-11 18:40:37

Just in case anyone reads this and is in need of encouragement she is absolutely fine now with wees and poos. I gave up washing her pooped pants so having to watch her coveted hello kitty pants going in the bin helped, bless her! She also just decided that doing a poo in a potty behind a curtain was her thing and once she had done a couple that were ok she forgot she had a problem and graduated to the toilet. It all took about 2 months all told. Good luck!

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