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Training and full time work

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StoneBaby Thu 30-Jun-11 20:29:17

I have read a lot of threads about potty training and wonder how FT working mum/parents do to potty train.

Do you take a week off, stay home and hope it'll be sorted by the end of the week or do you leave it with the CM/nursery?
My DS is at nursery and I know that they will take him to the pot but I do not think, they'll do the training.

Also, how do you know that your child is aware doing a wee or a poo?


WidowWadman Thu 30-Jun-11 22:30:55

My daughter was pretty much trained by nursery - with sticker charts etc. It was just a case of always putting -a- -lot- -of- sufficient spare clothes into her bag.

buttonandjess Sun 10-Jul-11 20:57:24

I didn't - my wonderful nanny started it and we carried on at weekends what she started... Have to say although reliable on wees now - we are still not there at all with poos!!

I would talk to the nursery and gauge what they say.

ceebeegeebies Sun 10-Jul-11 21:01:33

With DS1, I waited until he was totally ready (he was just over 3) and then he didn't really need 'training' as he just got it straight away. Nursery started it off during the week (I think that was a hint wink) so we just carried it on at the weekend and he picked it up with no problems at all.

DS2 is now 2.8 and still showing no signs of being ready so I am taking the lazy same tack with him grin

BrawToken Sun 10-Jul-11 21:03:51

Same as Widow - about a month ago we collaborated with nursery to train dd2 (and dd the same with dd1 a few years back) - used the same chart and packed plenty of spare clothes. And gave treats for successful pees/poos. She's totally trained now, although pooing took a bit longer.

This was our third attempt - both times previously she showed no awareness and would just do the toilet in her pants all the time. The best thing I bought was this book which dd (aged 2.9 now) took to nursery and they read it to her all the time and she's mad about Dora smile

Potty training is straightforward when kids are ready and the nursery should support you.

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