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Toilet training at night time

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starrmummy Wed 29-Jun-11 10:52:02

My DD (who will be three next month) has been dry during the day since February, but we can't seem to get her to stay dry at night. We have tried lifting her in her sleep, but she refuses to sit on the toilet or the potty. I have also tried limiting the amount that she drinks, but I am wary about doing this as she runs around so much and I don't want her to get dehydrated. Anyone got any ideas? Her pull up is full each morning, so I think she probably goes a number of times at night. Thanks!!

girlywhirly Wed 29-Jun-11 11:42:52

Wait until she starts to have a run of dry nappies. You cannot really train a child to be dry at night as it is developmental, her brain has to start producing a hormone which will reduce urine production during sleep.

If I were you, I'd stop lifting her and reducing drinks, keep on with the pull-ups and wait. Ignore anyone who goes on about her not being dry at night yet, every child is different.

starrmummy Wed 29-Jun-11 12:32:06

Thanks for this - I guess my parents and friends 'helpful' advice made me think that she should be ready by now. I also don't want to make it into a big thing... smile

Greenybean Mon 04-Jul-11 11:46:05

Really glad to have read this. Thanks very much. Have been wondering if we should get on with it since our 3yr old is completely clean and dry during the day. Will relax and wait for the dry ones. Did have a run of dry ones a few weeks ago but seems to have tailed off. I wonder if there are a few false starts before the hormones get going?

chocolateyclur Mon 04-Jul-11 11:56:24

I'm sort of torn on this. Immediately after potty training (2y 7m) ds had a run of dry nappies for a week. We put off trying night times despite this because we had an imminent house (and area) move which meant son would be moving house, nursery etc - and I was worried it would all be too much.

After everything was sorted, I waited and waited for the nappies to get dry again. He was waking up sodden every morning. 4 weeks ago, when son was 3y 1m we ran out of nappies - I thought we had some in the garage, husband couldn't find them - so it was sink or swim. The first night we changed the bed twice between 7.30pm and midnight, but he was dry the rest of the night. Since then we have only had 2 small accidents around him either being ill, or another routine disruption (he was at his dad's this weekend and had an accident last night).

I honestly believe that he had got into habitual wetting - because he knew he was wearing a nappy so was "safe" to wee.

girlywhirly Mon 04-Jul-11 15:38:25

Greenybean, I expect there are a few mishaps with younger DC. My DS was 4.7 and had just started reception when he declared he didn't want to wear nappypants (pullups) anymore and would try to stay dry and get up for the loo if he needed to. He was dry from then on, but there was the odd rare wet bed up to 8 yrs.

However, be aware that major changes such as bereavement, home move, family break-up, starting/changing school, and other emotional things often have great effect on dryness. Also when DC are ill, or overtired and sleep more deeply, or are staying somewhere unfamiliar.

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