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My DS 3 Keeps Wetting Himself

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swangirl Wed 29-Jun-11 09:58:20

My Ds is 3.2 and we have been potty training him since he was 2.
Ds knows what to do and the majority of the time will take himself to the potty.
However at least once a day often more Ds will wet himself. It seems to happen when he is adsorbed in play, watching TV or when in the buggy. I am starting to get really frustrated with him and have started to tell him off about itblush
Do you have any tips on how to encourage him to keep dry. I need him dry by September as he starts pre school
Please help me !

zelda1982 Wed 29-Jun-11 11:11:53

Sorry no advice, except maybe a sticker chart, which is what i'm trying with dd, but she has the same problem, especially if we are out and about as she is refusing to use anyones toilet except ours sad Its so frustrating as i know she can do it but still pee's herself. Some days is worse than others like today she has already wet herself twice. I've started confiscating toys when she does it as the sticker chart isnt really working. sad
Hope it gets better for you x

swangirl Wed 29-Jun-11 12:47:10

Its nice too know I am not alone. Ds is just the same some days are better than others. I know he is perfectly capable of telling me he needs to go. Maybe when he goes to preschool things will improve because he will see all the other children using the toilet.

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