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Oh Poo!

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WidowWadman Tue 28-Jun-11 19:40:25

Daughter 1 (2.6) has been pretty much dry during the day, pee and poo for a couple of months now and very proud of it. Daughter 2arrived 5 weeks ago and since about a week after the birth poos now have been a problem: they consistently go into her pants.

She's not scared of pooing and on the rare occasion they end up in the potty, she's very proud.

She definitely knows when she's doing it - I caught her squatting a few times and when asked she'll cheerily admit to doing a poo.

She's not bothered by having the poo in her pants - but when it's pointed out to her just toddles off to fetch a new pair of knickers.

She doesn't want to wear nappies, either.

There seems to be no obvious jealousy because of the new baby - the opposite - she's very proud of "her" baby and frequently cuddles her, helps with nappy changing (and has even tried to breastfeed her once...), and she doesn't really have to compete for attention, as No 2 is not really demanding yet - she either feeds (and I read stories to No 1, or play with her or cuddle her while doing it), or sleeps or looks around.

So where do I go wrong, and what can I do to solve the poo problem?

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