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How do I get DD to have a wee before we leave the house?

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louiseas Tue 28-Jun-11 13:20:32

This is driving me crazy! DD is refusing to go to the toilet before we go anywhere and will insist she doesn't need to go. Obviously this ends up with her screaming half way to where we are going saying she needs a wee and either ends up with wet pants or me having to find somewhere for her to go asap.
Have tried bribery, going to the toilet with me or her big sister, even putting her onto the toilet myself but no joy.

pointydog Tue 28-Jun-11 19:00:21

How long has she been trained? Just after the dds were in pants, I'd either take a potty with me or I'd think nothing of hoisting her about a nearby grassy patch for a wee. I didn't venture to any horrible places like shopping centres or whatever.

starrmummy Wed 29-Jun-11 12:44:23

I agree with pointydog, but will also tell you what worked with me. I told my DD that we were going out at a certain time and that five minutes before we were both going to do a wee. At that time we would have a race to see who could get there first and the one who won got to go first (which was always her). It sounds stupid, but it worked for us! Good luck!

nannyl Thu 30-Jun-11 09:03:24

I always had a rule that EVERYONE (including me and any other adults (aka nanny friends)) has to try for a wee before going out. (clearly not babies in nappies)

Quite simply until everyone tried we didnt go anywhere. Would tidy away all the toys, be ready to go, and rave about the exciting place that we were going, discuss which cd they would like in the car etc
Never took long for anyone to get the message, in the same way, that you need to sit at the table to eat your dinner..... need to wear your wellies if going out to play in the rain, have suncream if going out in the sun etc...

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