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Where to start?!!

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Lexiejack Fri 24-Jun-11 12:47:50

So confused by the potty training minefield!! DS will sit for a second then jump off. Tried putting him straight in pants and he denied weeing despite the rather obvious dark patch on his trousers!! Taken him to choose pants- they now seem to go on his or his bears head!! Grrrr advice plz!! Or a really nice person to move in and train him for me!!

mumof3tobe Fri 24-Jun-11 16:53:14

How old is he? Maybe he's just not ready yet.

Lexiejack Fri 24-Jun-11 18:27:05

2. And a half

mumof3tobe Fri 24-Jun-11 20:04:39

Has he had the pants and potty out for long? Maybe he needs to get the 'oh this is a new thing to play with' out of his head first then once he's used to them he might settle down, realize they are not a toy and get the hint.

My first son refused to tell me he needed to pee, so he was naked from the waste down for a week and had the potty out with a little cup of buttons up high. I told him if he pee's in the pot he will get 1 button. It worked acting about a day I think. He realized he wasn't getting them until it happened. 1 week later we went to just pants all day and the 3rd week I took him out with trousers on.

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