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Does one successfull wee in the toilet mean hes ready for potty training?

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bozemum Wed 22-Jun-11 20:02:11

DS has been running around weeing on the floor whenever his nappy is off. Like it was a game. So we bought a trainer seat for the toilet (he didn't like the potty). After his bath sat him on the toilet and told him to wee (as we were getting concerned our carpets were going to start smelling). And he wee'd perfectly on cue. Then turned round to pull the flush. Like he'd been watching us.

He took to it so well. He wanted up straight away to have another go. But I don't think he had any wee left in him, so couldn't go again.

Hes only 20 months. So I didn't think we'd be potty training for ages yet. But now I'm wondering if we should capitalise on his current enthusiasm. Or have we a long way to go yet?

I'm a first time mum. So have no idea where to start. Anyone know a good book for it?

girlywhirly Thu 23-Jun-11 10:11:58

I think you could put him on the toilet at each nappy change, and at other times such as after a nap or if he has a regular poo time. Put nappy on between times. If he is happy to do this, fine, but as he is so young it may be a passing interest. Even if it is, he might be ready by the time he's 2, but don't be surprised if he isn't. The main thing is to accustom him to using the toilet, and you can get him used to toilets elsewhere, in cafe's, at granny's etc which is really important as some DC have a fear of unfamiliar ones and would rather wet/soil themselves. You can get folding toilet seats for toddlers to take out with you and make a strange toilet seem more familiar. Toileting could be a bit more difficult when out than with a potty, as you need to know locations of the closest loos and be prepared to dash at a moments notice, and deal with potential queues. It is easier and quicker with a travel potty that can be used anywhere. For just a wee, he needn't sit, you could just hold it up to his willy while he stands. If he won't use one when out, you may need to let him wee in a drain/behind bush/carpark etc. You can get him to go to the loo on arrival somewhere, whether he asks or not.

I think the turning point is when he is able to tell you he needs the toilet before he actually does anything, but willingly doing anything on the toilet when you take him is a great start. I think the way it goes is they say when they have done something after the event, then when they are doing it, and eventually before they do it. This is how you can tell the awareness is developing. But also you stand a better chance of successful training if they have good bladder capacity, i.e. a reasonable amount of time between wees. I would say that when using the toilet he will need someone with him at all times (risk of falling off) so you will have to down tools and dash. Never ignore urgent demands until you know he can wait a minute or two. You will still need to wipe his bottom and help him with his clothes for quite a long time. It is physiologically better for a child to poo with their knees higher than their hips, as in squatting, so a step stool that permits this is ideal (most are too low)

mumof3tobe Fri 24-Jun-11 16:51:19

I agree it is a good start and I would continue to encourage him to use the toilet or potty whenever he has nappy free times. Praise as much as possible but don't make a big deal of it if he doesn't want to.
My DS is 22months old and has pee'd in the toilet but only because he was trying to copy his older brother. Before he would back away if he started to pee. Again last night he pee'd on the floor and I said in a nice voice, no pee on the floor pee on the pot. He got the pot and put it on his head. smile About 10 mins later he was peeing again and I said "in the pot" and he did. grin Before he would back away. I'm not going to start training just going to get him used to the idea.
He won't sit on the pot for more than 5 seconds so i think he's going to go straight to standing up to pee. Hopefully he will get the idea that he has to sit to poo! That might be harder.
But you never know he might surprise you and be ready for he's 2yrs, I just wouldn't push it.
Good luck when he is ready! smile

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