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Another 'should I give up' thread - opinions please!

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Kate2009 Tue 21-Jun-11 18:42:52

Started potty training my 25 mth old DD 6 days ago after lots of signs that she was ready (happy to sit on potty morning & evening & pee/poo, asking to go to the loo etc etc).

First morning was a breeze - started prompting her every 15 mins only to be rebutted so I stopped and she took herself to the potty 4 or 5 times successfully that morning with no accidents. That afternoon, completely the opposite, just lots of accidents, as if she'd lost interest.

Since then if I prompt her & can persuade her to sit on the potty we have successes and she's clearly pleased with herself, but more and more she refuses to sit on the potty, runs & hides then comes back with wet/soiled pants. Today 3 pees in potty but many more 'accidents'. I suggest sitting on the potty & she runs and hides, then comes back wet. Worse, she doesn't seem to care about being in wet pants and runs away when I suggest putting her into 'nice dry pants'. At lunchtime today she even demanded to be put into a nappy (which I didn't).

Have I started before she's ready? Should I persist or abandon for now - I am concerned that the longer this continues the more stressed I get and more stubborn she gets & it becomes a big issue. Worse, I have a 3 week course starting next week and the grandparents are coming to babysit during the day. I don't want them to have to deal with potty training her as well, so either need better results in the next 3 days or abandon. Opinions please!

BiscuitNibbler Tue 21-Jun-11 20:03:43

Hi Kate,

I'm by no means an expert - only on day 4 myself! However have you tried no pants? On day one my DD was wearing pull-ups and was hopeless with pees but as soon as I took them off she seemed much more aware of what was going on. Also, the Little Princess book I Want My Potty seems to have really helped.

I hope things work out for you. It is so stressful and I know what you're going through.

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