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I am FED UP! 3 y/o constantly pooing in pants

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theressomethingaboutmarie Mon 20-Jun-11 09:03:50

My lovely DD is three and a half and has been dry for about a year. Over the past few weeks, she's started to poo in her pants. I took her to the doctors about 3 weeks ago as she was staining her pants but holding in her poo to the extent that her stomach hurt. The doctor gave me some powder to put in her drink and now we have the issue that she can poo but won't tell me when she needs to go, does it in her pants and denies it.

We've been very open about poos and wees ever since she was able to understanding; making it clear that everyone poos, wees etc. This weekend, she must have pooed in her pants about 6 times each day and I'm getting fed up of it! Please HELP!!

MissingMySleep Mon 20-Jun-11 19:44:40

had issue with DC1 pooing in pants, aminly cos he was too lazy to tell me he needed a poo (so diff reasons to your DD).

Came to a deal that for each poo in toilet/potty he got a chocolate lollipop. No more poo in pants. Ran out of lollipops before the week was out. Said oh dear I will get some more from the shop, but here's a chocolate button for now. Choc buttons ran out after a while. Oh well until I get to buy more here's a slice of apple. Honest he doesn't associate poo with food or treats (he is 8 now) it was a short term solution to a short term problem and it worked immediately.

I do recall it was a horrible time when he kept doing it. Good luck smile

3peasinapod Mon 20-Jun-11 22:43:54

O dear god, i'm not the only one going through this!!!

My DD was a nightmare to train, Starting training about 2.5yrs. A right nightmare it has been since. She is now 4.6yrs and still wetting and pooing in her pants. I find with DD she will hold her wee's if she is watching TV, colouring, playing. She is lazy about going to the toilet. Then we faced constipation with DD (nightmare) 5-6 times a day she would poo in her pants and was afraid to poo. Once that was over she is still finding it hard to getting all the wee;s and poo's in the loo.

However i have tried star charts, worked for a while. Special trips to toy shop, worked again for a little while. I am going to try missingmysleep tip and go with chocolate treat, as its instant and she may feel more rewarded as to waiting to get all the stars..

I understand and feel your frustration, its not easy but fingers crossed it will become more easier for them and us VERY SOON..

The instant treat might work for you.

theressomethingaboutmarie Tue 21-Jun-11 08:03:51

Thanks for the tips; I will try the instant treat. I also spoke with her key worker at nursery yesterday (surprise surprise, she had no accidents yesterday - gah!) who suggested that I remove my daughters pants when she's at home so she doesn't have the 'safety net' of them and will be more inclined to go for a poo. I'm going to give that a try too (and cover all of the furniture grin

MissingMySleep Thu 23-Jun-11 17:50:09

oh its all coming back to me now - I have a really nice picnic blanket, its soft and fleecy and underneath is waterproof.

also, hallelujah, its machine washable.

so I used to spread that out in the front room, and DS had to play/watch TV/read etc, on his "special mat".

I made out it was to make it more comfy and not about poo/wee incidents.

Our kitchen and dining room are all laminate, so what with a stair gate on the stairs, it meant that I could breathe a little easier whilst we went through that messy time

good luck ladies

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