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4 year old peeing multiple times during bedtime routine

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bumbly Fri 17-Jun-11 20:28:28

just night nappies. finally managed to habit of.pooing before bedtime as was always doing it in however when put to bed keeps calling for a pee which we thought was good for night time training...but 5 widdles whilst going to bed means it is taking too long to go to bed...and now he is also pooing two times before bed...what can i do?

rarely he goes for poo in day but wehn does does go pooing every night with pressure before bed as we get him to sit on loo

and we get him to pee before bed...but then shut lights and he keeps calling for small tiddles

too much now and i need to teach him to wee in bigger wees before bed

daytime no pee probs

what can i do?????? been going on for.months now

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