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I don't really want to do potty training!

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meowchut Fri 17-Jun-11 18:07:42

I am a bad mother. Sigh.

DD is 2 and 5 months and still in nappies. DH and I have had so much going on in our lives that I just want to make everything as easy as possible. A nappy on her bum is easy, clearing up is not.


I realise we are going to have to train her eventually. Certainly before September when she starts nursey and she HAS to be trained. I say we, because DH and I share her childcare. This is important because whatever we do we neeed to be consistent, and I can't see DH carrying pissy poopy pants around with him, I imagine he will bin them smile

She knows when she is going to do a poo, as she announces "I am busy". I am not sure about wees, but I think she can hold it in because she likes to do one as soon as she gets in the shower. She loves the toilet, getting on it, sitting for a millisecond and flushing the chain. Her potty has been weed in once, but spends most of it's time as a hiding place for her teddy bear.

If we ask her if she will tell us when she needs to do a wee or a poo she says "no".

Can we miss out the potty stage and go straight on to the loo?

Because Daddy is with her so much she thinks she can also wee standing up...what to do?

Should we start now for September, or leave it till August and make a really conserted effort?

Over and out and thank you


emmaloupolman Sat 18-Jun-11 20:39:35

I started dd whom is 2.6 months 3 half weeks ago had 1 little accident on day 2 and after 5 days wears pants at night.
I have also been ttc for 21 months and getting married saturday so i have alot going on to i say do it its not as hard as i thought it was going to be.
The only thing is he will poo in his pants but been told thats quiet common

NixxRose Wed 22-Jun-11 11:31:52

My boy is 17 months and I just started potty training him.. I know it's early days but I really want him to get used to sitting on the potty even with his nappy on. He's already done one wee in the potty and I got the party poppers out haha. He gets th potty out and sits on it when he needs a wee now. Although he's not speaking very much yet, he does understand.
Also, I'm new to this site.. What does DS, DD, etc mean? :S

cookielove Wed 22-Jun-11 11:34:24

DD- dear daughter, DS - dear son, DH - dear husband

mollymole Wed 22-Jun-11 11:39:01

If she starts nursery late summer then you do need to start something now -potty or toilet it's your choice but it can be easier to start with a potty ( or more than 1 in various places around the house and you can take one out in the car etc)
can you just try, when at home, leaving her nappy off and going from there, it may take some accidents but be calm and encouraging

naturalbaby Tue 28-Jun-11 21:29:11

i'm just starting with my 2nd and he's 2 next month - making the most of the warm weather! when we're home i leave him half dressed so it's quick and easy to get to the potty and he sees direct results of accidents. i found ds1 had to have a few accidents to realise what was going on then suddenly he managed to stop a wee just as he started and went and sat on the potty to finish. i'm doing it slow and gradual but that means lots of accidents because i start really early, but it has made both of them really independent.

it was easier to have a couple of potties about so they could take themselves or i could leave them sitting on the potty to read or whatever rather than having to put them on the toilet and fetch them off again (lazy mummy!)

i don't see any harm in starting just the odd hour or two here and there with lots of nappy off time. i talk about using the potty at every nappy change, poo in the loo (cotton nappies so it gets tipped out first) and every time i went and he was about.

BikeRunSki Tue 28-Jun-11 21:34:20

I wasn't looking forward to it either. DS was 2yr 6mnth. had a failed week end, then sorted in 4 days a week later.

meowchut Fri 19-Aug-11 17:07:23

Just thought I would check in and say thank you!

Started DD off on a potty, oh, about a lifetime ago! All went well for a couple of weeks, we sent her poo to Pooland and all that. Now for the last couple of weeks she seems to have "regressed" in that she holds everything in till after her bath, when she gets her nappy on. This is a right pain, for us, and an actual pain for her I would imagine.

I am not stressing about it today though, as I am at work smile Today it seems of such little importance. Might take DH a bottle of wine home though

jandmmum Sat 20-Aug-11 19:57:08

I really don't understand how some nurseries can insist young children are potty trained. they do it when they are ready. we started with DS when he was 2.5, but he was 3.2 before he started being able to tell us when he needed to go. I honestly don't think he could either feel or recognise the feeling of a full bladder because we would ask him if he needed to go, he would say no and minutes later have an accident and look down at himself as if to say where did that come from. At 3.9 he still has the odd accident which really isn't unusual at his age. His nursery have children from very young so have helped with the potty training. DD on the otherhand has been reliably pooing and weeing on the potty since she was 8 months old. For now I am just putting her on regularly, and will take her out of nappies when she starts communicating she needs to go.

meowchut Tue 23-Aug-11 21:46:37

The thing is Jandmmum it's the only nursery with a place for her, we live in London and they are either full or too expensive. I do like the nursery though, they say they ask you to try the potty training as they are in a church hall and don't have space in the toilets for nappy changing. Maybe bein with other children who use the toilet will encourage her to do the same. This has been a better day, clean and dry! Yay!

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