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Are pull ups ever a good idea?

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Bethanlucy Fri 17-Jun-11 14:36:05

I have been potty training my son (2.4 yrs) for 6 days now. He has been really good - when at home and naked from the waist down - and uses the potty by himself for wees and poos. He also asks for it when he can't find it and if I take him to the toilet before going out he will pretty much squeeze a wee out on demand. He's also dry for daytime naps. So far so good.
When we are out and he has clothes on he is less good but he has used a potty in the toilets of a play group and I'm hopeful that using toilets/potties outside of the house will get easier for him in time.
The main problem is nursery. He goes twice a week and on both days this week he has refused to do a single wee in the toilet/potty. On the first day at nursery he wet himself 5 times and the staff told me he was getting upset so on the second day I took pull ups and pants with him and he ended up in pull ups after refusing to use the potty and wetting himself twice in the morning.
So, do I just use pull ups when he is at nursery and ask staff to take him to the toilet every 2 hours (as I do when I am with him and he is wearing pants)? Or should I just stick to pants? If he wasn't getting upset I would be happier about sticking to pants but he normally loves nursery so I don't want him to have a horrible time there. He's not that keen on getting dressed and undressed so for that to happen 5 times as well as all the times he was taken to the toilet must have made him really unhappy. I also think that the nursery staff are going to get fed up with changing him all the time, even though they have been really good so far.

Has any one succesfully used pull ups as part of potty training?

okiecokie Mon 20-Jun-11 10:34:03

We have just been through potty training and I found nursery to be really good and patient with the process. I would try and avoid pull ups if you can but can understand that you don't want him getting upset and fearing going to the loo at nursery. Is there another child there that is going through toilet training that he can go to the loo together with? Or a child that is already trained and that he can pair up with. I think it is all about confidence and making him feel and act likea big boy. Our nursery was taking them in pairs every 20 minutes in the early days and then it streched to every 30 minutes and now it is more like every hour unless they need to go earlier.

Bethanlucy Tue 21-Jun-11 15:05:36

Thanks for the advice. I'm considering giving up completely actually. The nursery just phoned to say he hadn't used the toilet all morning and appeared to be holding in wee. He was crying and physically resisting when they tried to put him on the potty and even refusing chocolate buttons which I asked them to bribe him with if he used the potty (normally he would bite your hand off). The nursery want me to give up and try again in a month's time. I feel a bit crap that all our hard work over the last 10 days has been wasted but I can't really send him somewhere for the day where he can't use the toilet/potty.
Potty training sucks!

Lady1nTheRadiator Tue 21-Jun-11 15:08:25

If he is happy to use a toilet elsewhere, then personally I don't think there is any harm in having him wear pants at home, and a pull-up to nursery. Some people think this is a huge no-no, that it causes confusion - from MY experience I disagree. I do not see that you should give up altogether and go back to nappies full-time, he is only there twice a week.

stealthsquiggle Tue 21-Jun-11 15:12:46

if nursery are saying give up, and they are basically supportive, then I would give up for a month - talk to them in the mean time and see if they can find him a potty training 'buddy', maybe?

FWIW, I used pull ups whenever we left the house with DS as I really didn't want to be dealing with accidents in car/supermarket/wherever and it didn't noticeably slow down progress (which was slow, he was FT at nursery and they were great as they had a group of boys going through the process together, but we went through lots of clothes for a while). With DD she refused to have anything to do with pull ups (apart from at night) but was accident-free in a few days anyway so not an issue (and I still insisted for long car journeys!).

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