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No Poo for Three Days

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Fayzal Wed 15-Jun-11 11:01:09

I started potty training my 2yr 8m old on Monday. He's doing quite well with wees, had quite a few accidents on Monday but only one little one yesterday and so far none today. But!! he hasn't had a poo at all since he had his nappy on which was Sunday. He's had nappies at night and nap times and still doesn't seem to poo even then. When I ask him if he might like to use the potty or loo with his special seat on for a poo he says yes but then jumps off a minute later saying he's all done. Should I be worried about it storing up for three days? I don't want it to hurt when it does happen and scare him about pooing out of his nappy. What shall I do? Go back to nappies? Carry on regardless? Take him to the doctor in case its actual constipation? Help!!

Beamur Wed 15-Jun-11 11:09:03

It sounds like he could be holding on - my DD used to hang on until her night nappy and then poo.
Its not a good idea to allow this to continue, you're right - the problem when he finally goes it that it will hurt and potentially reinforce being scared about having a poo.
I wouldn't go back to nappies yet as it sounds like you're making good progress.
Can you add some extra poo-inducing foods into his diet - like apricots, linseeds, orange juice and make sure he keeps well hydrated. I gave my DD a little lactulose when constipated too, it works gradually and softens the stool so its easier to pass.
Keep encouraging him gently to use the potty but don't push it too much.

emmaloupolman Wed 15-Jun-11 15:54:16

My son has been dry for 3 weeks and 2 half weeks at night and will only poo in his pant

BrainSurgeon Wed 15-Jun-11 15:58:31

One of my friends had a similar problem, her DD didn't want to poo and kept holding it, up to the point where she had to be taken to the GP
Beamur's advice is brilliant, it certainly worked for my friend - her DD is now absolutely fine

Fayzal Wed 15-Jun-11 19:26:53

Thank you all. Beamur - I've been sneaking prune in various forms into his food and drinks today which I hope helped!! After jumping on and off the potty all afternoons trying and saying he couldn't by tea time he seemed quite uncomfortable so we chatted and agreed we'd put a nappy on just for a poo and he did it. We then took the nappy off and he did another on the floor. Not brilliant but it's progress I think!!! Hopefully that will have cleared the backlog and tomorrow we can try the potty again without any pain (fingers crossed!!) Thank you all for your advice, it definitly settled my panicing mind!

Beamur Wed 15-Jun-11 19:59:29

It can take quite a while to go from dry to being ok with poo in potty too. It took my DD about 6 months and from speaking to the staff at her nursery this is not uncommon. A lot of the tots similarly saved up their poos for nighttime! I think the sensation of pooing takes a little longer to learn and maybe a bit more confidence to make the change to.
Good news though for today, sounds like you and your DS are going in the right direction.

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