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moved house and nighttime setback do we get the pull ups out?

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velbels Tue 14-Jun-11 08:21:06

My son is 3 and 2 months he has led his potty training and was dry in the day back in August at 2 and 4 months. I was shocked but not complaining!

Back in about Feb he also managed to get dry at night. After a week of dry nights we bought him some Lego as a well done. We maybe had 4/5 accidents in the early morning until we moved 3 weeks ago.

He has coped so well with the move and loves his new house and bedroom (and playroom!) he's bright for his age and seemed to grasp the concept of moving from early on. However we are having almost nightly accidents. They are always between 6-7am so he's nearly making it through the night but we are still getting wet sheets and duvet almost every day.

I realise moving is difficult and that it was inevitable for him to have a set back. We've tried ignoring, praise when he occasionally is dry, putting the potty back in his room (he still heads to the bathroom, even when its there). We asked him what he wanted and suggested a star chart and taking his Lego away until he was dry for a week again but no success. sad

I an struggling to keep up with the washing with this poor weather and not being able to dry outside and i want to give him every chance to succeed but do we get the pull ups back out for a bit and go back to square one?
I just don't want to loose all his previous hard work.

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