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Daughter now seems to be scared of weeing

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surbybabies Mon 13-Jun-11 20:18:48

We have twin daughters aged 25 months. For a while now they've had access to potties and enjoyed sitting on them etc., and it's a bit of a routine before their nightly bath. We also have a toilet seat which is a bit of a novelty for them. They've both done a poo in their potty(more like we managed to catch them!) but one of them recently did a wee on the toilet then potty and seemed quite upset about it. We clapped and told her how good she was etc, but ever since she seems to get really anxious about the bath, says "I don't like it" and cries increasingly hysterically. This evening she kept standing up in the bath and wanted to be cuddled. She was especially upset when she did a wee in the bath - this from the girl who previously loved her bath and has left several floaters with no upsets (to her anyway!) Has anyone been through this? Has anyone got any idea what's causing it? MIL thinks it's because we've left potty training too late, but I'm ignoring her!

chuckeyegg Tue 14-Jun-11 08:05:21

Maybe she has a slight urninary tract infection has she had any temperature or seemed off colour? Just a thought.

Katiebeau Thu 16-Jun-11 10:10:39

I sympathise but I have no advice I'm afraid, just to let you know your DD isn't alone reacting like this.

My DD started proper potty training at 26 months 4 weeks ago. Prior to starting we have had a few wees and poos on the potty also. Now we only have accidents, nothing for 3 weeks in the appropriate place.

To be honest I am pregnant and I have 1) driven myself insane thinking she'll never train ever, live her life incontinent (complete over reaction by me) and 2) decided today to carry on potty training but with pull ups for a while until she starts using the bloody potty again.

She has become upset and cries when she wees on the potty/loo. Couldn't give a fig if she wets her pants, trousers, socks and shoes though so the DM and MILs message that if she's dirty she'll start to care isn't exactly working. Even the bribery with chocolate buttons isn't working which for DD is a massive sign she's not ready. Sigh, and her little friend did it all in 3 days flat. Which makes me want to kick something......

pinkytheshrinky Thu 16-Jun-11 10:22:55

My son was like this - also got reall upset about flushing poos.

I left it for a few weeks and its all going swimmingly now. All pees and poos on the loo - hates the potty

Leave it for a while and try again, there is no rush

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