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Loose Stools !!!

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pajenima13 Sun 12-Jun-11 08:44:04

Hi I have just registered with Mumsnet hoping to get some advice regarding my 3 year old. I have been trying to Potty train my son for the past few months. He knows what the potty/toilet is used for and will sit periodically but still soils his nappy. However I have just realised his stools have always been really loose and will more often leak from his nappy or leak onto his back. This will often result in him having to have a shower or bath. He is very healthy and considered big for his age. He has a varied diet eating bananas and pasta daily which should help bind him. I think because his stools are very loose i don't know if he is able to feel the urge to go to the toilet!!! Any advice would be appreciated. I do have an older daughter who was potty trained at two and never experienced any of these problems.

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