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advice please - DD suddenly wants to potty train at the most inconvenient time!

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naomilpeb Sat 11-Jun-11 19:54:39

DD (2.5) has started asking to go on the potty a lot over the last few days. At nursery (one day a week) they say she has asked loads of times to use the potty for the last two weeks - they put her on, and sometimes she does a wee and sometimes not. We put her on at home when she asks and she usually does a pretty substantial wee. No poohs yet. So, all good to go for potty training I think.

However, we're going away in a week to a cottage that belongs to friends of my parents and I'm terrified of damaging their furnishings if she has accidents if we put her in pants - they're letting us stay for free and I'd feel terrible. And after that our bathroom is being done so there'll be loads of disruption in there for two weeks.

So, do you think we should continue with the softly-softly approach of putting her on the potty when she asks, but keeping her in nappies (not pull-ups), until everything has settled down - a whole month away? Or should we take the bull by the horns tomorrow and bin the nappies?

Thanks for any advice!

Seona1973 Sat 11-Jun-11 20:33:46

I'd put her in pull up nappies (proper ones not the potty training ones) and take her to the toilet when she asks. Pull ups are easier for pulling up and down rather than taking a nappy on and off and will help if she has an accident when you are in someone elses house.

NellyTheElephant Sat 11-Jun-11 21:57:09

I'd say definitely give it a go. I had v similar with DS recently. He suddenly started using the potty, but I so didn't want to do it as DH and I were going away the following w/e and he'd be left with my mother (and the last thing she wanted was a semi potty trained child weeing and pooing all over her house) and I had loads on, but I thought we'd give it a go and if all was a nightmare my Mum could use pull ups, but in the event as the training was driven by him and he was really keen it was just so easy and he was done within the week and my mum had no trouble. So go for it this week, see how it goes but take pull ups with you in case you do find that you need them at the cottage.

jayho Sun 12-Jun-11 22:05:30

agree with Nelly, my ds had been reasonably disinterested and I was keen to hang on until 10 days away in the sun last week when it would be manageable to have him nappy-less and try to crack it. However, he decided himself to go for it the week before we went away. I put a nappy on him the morning we were travelling and he took it off half way through airport security and handed it to the guard! Had a few accidents through the holiday but generally he's got it. Don't stress too much, baby wee is not the end of the world, probably less damaging than ribena. And I bet you can already tell if she wants a poo. Mine still prefered to do his poo in a nappy as strange loos are a bit disconcerting but just go with her, if she's got the basics and gets loads of praise it's a lot easier than you think it will be. With your disruption at home, put the pot somewhere convenient to start then just gradually move it to the bathroom when you can - a month's nothing in the great scheme of things

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