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potty trained for 4 months, now suddenly lost it.

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Brahbrah Tue 07-Jun-11 15:41:27

DD (2.7) has been trained for months but it's all gone wrong recently. She seems to have lost the knack of taking herself to the potty when she needs to wee. She can go a long time between wees so at some point if you time it right and put her on the potty she will do a wee, but, for instance, I tried half an hour ago and nothing, then 10 minutes later she wet herself.

There have been loads of accidents recently, I guess when we've been less vigilant about making her sit on the potty, but a month ago you could totally rely on her doing it herself. Also, a couple of times when she's got upset (fallen over and hurt herself etc.) she's lost control and weed on me while I've been cuddling her.

Is this just a stage, could she have an infection that's affecting her sensitivity?

Brahbrah Tue 07-Jun-11 17:58:41

Bump. Anyone?

paddypoopants Fri 10-Jun-11 18:06:14

This has just happened us as well. My ds (2.10) has been trained 5 months - it was really easy and was dry night and day after a week. Now 5 months later we are having accidents daily for the last week.Like you I ask him does he need to go and then 10 mins later an accident. He can go a long time without peeing and I think he thinks he can hold it in but then discovers he can't at the last minute. I don't think he has a UTI as he has no temperature and he is only doing it when he has a really full bladder. I'm obviously of not much use to you - but I hope someone can help us.

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