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Arrrgghgh! And we haven't even started yet!

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Mamathulu Tue 07-Jun-11 14:56:24

DS2 is 2.4. We don't think he's ready to start potty training, because he isn't aware when he's going to wee or poo - but he keeps pulling his willy out of his nappy, and subsequently weeing everywhere. Shitty nappies are usually ok, but if we don't catch him early enough in the morning, he takes it off and it goes everywhere.
I'm not very mobile, DH's trying to work/cook/see to the other DC's, but we try to keep an eye on him as much as possible. We've strapped him up in different clothes combinations so much in the past that we ended up having him in nappy, shorts, popper vest over the top, babygrow on backwards, shorts and dungarees. Didn't work, and he just ended up getting very hot and sweaty all the time.
So we've tried the other end of the scale, leaving him with no clothes on but with a potty beside him everywhere & permanently asking him if he needs a wee. He just pisses on the carpet, floor or sofa.
WHAT are we doing wrong?? (I readily admit, I am shit at this stage. Give me a baby or a child, but really crap with toddlers. sad )

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