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Help with potty training for boys

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mummykaren Mon 06-Jun-11 10:23:48

Hi I am a mum of two a girl age 4 that was potty trained in a week age 1 year 10 months with no problems and I have a boys who is nearly three in august that is having a lot of problems. I have tried a number of times and stopped as I did not think he was ready but this time I attached about 4 weeks ago because he wants to wear pants and seems to want to wee on potty or toilet started well then regressed so I looked online and some advice was to ignore it all and see what happened so I did and apart from a few accidents he decided himself to go to potty so all good. The big problem is number 2s he gets so so distressed as he hates doing it in nappy but does not seem to know how to do it in potty and holds it for days then screams when it is in pull ups or pants it is upsetting for all. I have put a nappy in potty Nd tried to say do it on that, I have rubbed his tummy whilst on potty, read books, provided bribes everything I can think of but it is getting no better in fact worse and stopping potty training won't help as he does not want it next to his skin. Help please any advice appreciatedsmile

leeloo1 Mon 06-Jun-11 15:50:15

I'm potty training at the moment and had a few days when DS pooped in the garden whilst standing up. I heard him grunting and pulled his pants down in time. (mostly!) 3rd/last time this happened he'd pulled hs own pants down but was still standing up.

He definitely was 'holding it in' as he went from every day, to every few days - with each time he managed it being outside (no idea why?!). I started giving him lots more fruit & fruit juice to try and get things moving again.

Then yesterday he told me he needed to wee, we were standing in the train station, so he had to hover over the potty and he pooped.

Then today he ran off to the kitchen, (where the potty is) and when I went to find him he'd done a poo. I cleaned him up, then he said 'more weewee coming' and sat down and pooped again.

So whilst he's confusing saying wee/poo he is starting to recognise the signals and do it in the right place. smile But maybe try being in the garden (maybe no pants on) and see if he can manage to do it out there?

mummykaren Mon 06-Jun-11 23:38:42

Thanks will give it a go

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