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Independent DD! What do I do in a shop?

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Masalamama Sun 05-Jun-11 19:16:57

Hi there, I put my 27 mo DD on a trainer toilet seat for weeks and she spent ages reading books, with no result. Then one fine day, I just stopped using nappies, told her she was a big girl and that she needed to use the toilet. She had two accidents, both while she was with husband, while I was doing driving lessons and literally within two days she was whizzing off her pants, stomping into the loo, locking the door (it can be unlocked from outside), the next thing we can hear is flushing and hand washing! And she's been dry ever since although we do insist on going in and wiping her clean etc.

The problem is, she wants to call the shots and refuses to go when you put her on. So, we went to a small M&S and suddenly she started shouting "Potty in the toilet, potty, potty" and I got loads of stares. There was no loo, so no toilet for me to put the travel seat on. I just took her into a corner, whizzed her panty off and stuck a nappy on after which she very visibly did a wee! The problem is that afternoon we went to the park and she had two accidents, she probably thought she still had a nappy on!

So what advice would you have for me? What does on do in a similar situation? At the moment she is wearing a nappy at sleeping times, but I am trying to get her to wee before going to bed and giving her night time milk earlier than normal.

Thanks a ton!

blanchedevereaux Mon 06-Jun-11 19:52:39

We use a potette plus when out and about. Even in shops.

fairimum Tue 07-Jun-11 17:20:57

is fab! my dd likes to carry it/its in back pack, also has a seal so can close it with no leaks at all! is fab, my dd hated the fold out ones as said was wobbly but this is great smile

NellyTheElephant Tue 07-Jun-11 22:09:37

Believe me, all shops have a staff loo and if you need to take a toddler I'd be very surprised if they didn't let you! I did this a couple of times with DD2 who sounds much like your DD (never had this problem with DD1 or DS). Loud cries of 'I'm going to do a poo' soon had me heading behind the scenes to a staff loo! Otherwise - when you are out and about always have in the back of your mind whether there is a cafe / pub / Macdonalds etc nearby as you can always make a dash to places like that with easily accessible loos. I found that in practice I tended to go to similar places - same shopping areas and soon knew where all the easiest access loos were.

Masalamama Wed 08-Jun-11 16:03:52

Ah, thanks so much. I thought I'd just have to wait until she could be reasoned with!!

iskra Thu 09-Jun-11 13:27:00

Yes - DD has used the toilet at the tube station when I have rushed up, flustered, to the nearest tube official & said "she needs a wee, she's only just potty trained!!" Nobody has ever said no. Also, we have used the Potette in alleyways grin

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