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Wee in the potty yay, but what next?

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vbus Sat 04-Jun-11 20:24:14

Just this week DS2 has started to take an interest in the potty and I was planning to start potty training in a few weeks time. However, he took me by surprise by doing a wee in it a yesterday and another one tonight. So far I've just been encouraging him to go when he wakes up and then at bedtime.

I wondered what I should do next? I was able to stay at home for the wk with DS1 while he cracked it but don't have the chance to with DS2 due to school run and various morning and after school activities. I think it's confusing to be nappy free at home but then nappy on when we're out, but don't think he's ready for pants on just yet or should I just go for it and carry potty with us? confusedWWYD?

tinkbig Sat 04-Jun-11 21:13:52

hi vbus grin

what a star your ds is
i have just started potty training my dd who is 2.5 years
how old is your ds?
i also have a dd who is nearly 6 who is at school
i would leave the potty out and could u use pampers training pants which i will be trying
then ask him if he needs a wee every so often and say if you need a wee go on the potty
when u go out u could still keep asking him then use training pants at least then if he has an accident wont matter i have a travel potty which folds up a pottete got in mothercare definetly worth getting and taking with u

good luck

vbus Sat 04-Jun-11 21:48:37

Thanks for your reply and good luck Tinkbig, hope your dd gets the hang of it soon. DS2 is 2.5yrs. Thanks for reminding me about training pants, I have some somewhere but didn't really use them with DS1, he was either naked or in pants. I'll see how it goes the next few days and then use the training pants if he seems to be making progress. I think I have a pottete too but so far Ds2 seems to be attached to one particular potty (although other one downstairs is identical minus a few Thomas stickers) Early days!

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