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How to get a poo in the loo?

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Jane7 Fri 03-Jun-11 14:10:55

DD won't go near a potty but has been doing her wees in a loo with trainer seat for past few weeks. When it comes to poos, it's a different story. She either does them in her pants or at night in her night nappy. When she's about to poo, I try to encourage her onto the loo but she refuses and screams. My mum says I should just wait for the poo to be almost half out (sorry tmi) and then drag her kicking and screaming onto the loo. Once one poo goes in, she'll stop being scared of it. I'm worried this method will distress dd and make matters worse. Thoughts? Anyone done the kicking and screaming method with success? I suppose I'm worried about stopping the poo mid-passage and her not doing it as I always feel it's better to poo than to hold it in, so I'm tempted to let her carry on doing them in her pants until she's ready.

RuthChan Fri 03-Jun-11 18:12:58

My DD had the same problem when she was potty training.
She could wee in the potty/loo, but not poo.
In our case, she would tell me when she needed to do a poo and I would put a nappy on her just to take the poo. Once that was finished she would go back into pants.
After a couple of weeks of this, she started to think about getting the confidence to try a poo in the potty too. She was delighted the first time she managed to, even though the poo was the size of a raisin!
The potty poos gradually increased in size until she suddenly realised that she was doing a full-size poo in the potty and no longer needed the nappies.

I never tried the putting her on the loo half way through, though I did think about it.
I did that with my DS for his first wee on the potty. He couldn't get it to come when sitting on the potty, so when one started to come out, I grabbed him and put him on half way through. It did break his fear and from then on he had no problems at all. As I say though, that was for wees, not poo.

mummyd2010 Sun 05-Jun-11 16:21:55

My dd had pooed herself for one year, had little intrest in using the loo for a poo. stickers, sweets and praise worked for her wees but she wasn't interested with the poo's
One night i decided a different approach, I wrapped a present up and left it on the shelf high up and told her she could have it once she done a poo in the potty or toilet and not her knickers. within a few days curiousity got the better of her and she co-operated. It was plain sailing from then on we kept a chart on the door and so many poos = present (stickerbook, whistles, pencils etc) and she is chuffed to bits now and her mind and changed completely towards being clean. And fingers crossed we haven't had to use the chart for A LONG TIME!

OhCobblers Thu 09-Jun-11 22:42:19

how about if you line the potty with a nappy and see if she'll poo into it?
i've read (probably on MN!) that the sensation of pooing directly into a potty or loo is different to a nappy.

also what i did when potty training DC1 is to put the poo into the loo so he could say it and we'd then say "bye bye poo" grin. i think it helps them to see it go away!!!

i've also done the presnent thing (something much wanted but doesn't cost too much) and it helped.

Good luck! I'm about to attempt potty training DC2 who tells me that she wants to use the potty after she's done everything in her nappy!!

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