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Potty training miracle :-)

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CharlotteWasBoth Thu 02-Jun-11 23:42:13

Had to share. I was on here a few weeks back bemoaning my 3.25 year old's total lack of interest in potty training.

A couple of weeks ago he announced he wanted to wear pants. From that point on, he's been potty trained! He's literally had only 2 or 3 accidents (wees only) and is already dry at night.

Yippeeee! I can't take any credit. He did it all himself, when he was ready. I was very very ready! It's interesting that it was all so painless -- much more so than my older children who did it +/- persuasion at about 2.75.

going Thu 02-Jun-11 23:44:17

That's reassuring to hear. My son has just turned 3 and has no intrest in potty training, feel like he will go to school in nappies!

CharlotteWasBoth Thu 02-Jun-11 23:57:19

I felt like that too. My life has been transformed, really!

bessie26 Fri 03-Jun-11 19:28:34

That's great to hear! The exact same thing happened to one of my friends & I really hope this is how it happens for us!

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 07-Jun-11 13:42:07

Wow! Hope for us yet, then! DS1 wants to wear his big-boy Thomas pants but seems totally indifferent to what he does in them, so we're back in nappies. sad

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