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Potty train before or after holiday?

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bessie26 Thu 02-Jun-11 23:06:46

DD1 is 2.6. She started asking for the potty at bathtime a few months ago (and did some wees & poos on it) but then lost interest.  I was pg at the time, so didn't think it was a good time to push it.

DD2 is now 6 weeks old so I'm thinking i should start encouraging DD1 again.  Her nappy is always wet when i change her after her nap, but i've no idea if she's weeing in her sleep or not.  She is interested in other people going to the loo & sits on the potty with her friends at nursery (although she doesn't do anything on it)  She can pull her trousers & pull-up nappies up & down. She asked for the potty yesterday (but it may have just been a bedtime delaying tactic?)  

In august we are driving for 6hrs to stay with family for a week.  DH thinks we should wait until we get back before we attempt to potty train, I think we should have another go at doing it now so she is well practiced by the time we go - what do you think? 

I understand that ultimately she is the one who will decide when she is ready! I just feel like I should be doing more to encourage her. Assuming we did start encouraging it, it all went really well & she was potty trained by next weekend, would it be fair to take her on such a long car journey in August? Obviously we would make lots of stops, but we are bound to get stuck in traffic at some point... I would hate for her to get upset about having an accident (and then have to sit in it for ages)

choceyes Fri 03-Jun-11 08:37:37

I'm in the same position OP. I have a 2.6yr old DS and starting to think about potty training him. We are going to France for 3 weeks in August and wondering whether to potty train him or now before then. it's rural france and they don't have as many public loos so on day out and about it might be easier changing a nappy than finding a loo. Although we can always get one of those portable potties.

In your position, even if you potty trained her before the holiday, I would use a nappy for the car journey.

bessie26 Fri 03-Jun-11 10:49:59

choc how about potty training while you're on holiday? I think you are going to need to get a travel potty anyway? So three weeks of uninterrupted time to practice sounds perfect (assuming they have easy to clean floors!!)

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