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Potty training seems to of been forgotten due to illness??

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Ruby27 Wed 01-Jun-11 10:54:50

My just turned 3 year old daughter has been potty trained through the day for about 10 weeks and has been dry through the night for about 8 weeks. This week she woke up with a horrible cold....and since then shes been wetting the bed 2 or 3 times a night (shes never ever had an accident at night) and has had several accidents throughout the day too.

Is this normal? I mean shes obviously not feeling well but it is just a cold...i wasnt aware it could set them back like this! And what do i do? Shes in such a deep sleep at night shes not waking up even when shes soaked through, even when im doing my best to go through every hour to check her and change her and the sheets if she is wet. It cant be doing her any favours being wet! I really dont want to put her in pull ups through the day and im not going to...but maybe i should at night? xxx

wolfhound Wed 01-Jun-11 11:06:27

My 3yr old did this too. I put him in night time pull-ups (but not day time). He was quickly dry again during the day - I have noticed he is much more likely to have an accident when he's got a bad cold, it seems to interfere with him recognising the need to go somehowJ. He's dry again during the night now, but I've left the night time pull-ups on - they're always dry in the morning, so they're not doing any harm, but with a new baby due shortly I don't have the energy for any night-time changes in the next few months.

Ruby27 Wed 01-Jun-11 11:39:40

Great thank you, nice to hear that others do it too and it might be the cold interfering with her recognising the need to go. People keep saying to me "oh dont put her back in pull ups" but i think we need to at night. Im not pregnant but i do work and its exhausting changing to bed 2 to 3 times a night when you have work the next day. She hates wearing nappies so hopefully once shes feeling better we will get straight back on track.

Definatly did not know that ilnness could affect the potty training, this is the first illness shes had since being potty trained.

Good luck with the new baby smile xx

wolfhound Wed 01-Jun-11 11:45:10

Thanks Ruby. I know people say 'never go back' with nappies, but really hasn't been a problem with us. I started off with Pampers Underjams, which are rather expensive, but seemed less like nappies, then went back to normal pull-ups which are cheaper. They're always dry, except on the occasional night when he's been unwell - and yes, changing bedding in the middle of the night is an absolute pain for everyone, including the child! Getting out of nappies can turn into another form of competition parenting, and it's really not a race. Make it easy for yourself, and your DD, I say!

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