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Dirty Protest - or normal for this stage?

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socialhandgrenade Tue 31-May-11 19:02:45

I would really value other peoples experience here. My DS is 2 years and 9 months. He's been wearing pull-ups for a while and sometimes getting himself on the potty unprompted for a wee.
So I thought I'd try getting rid of the pull-ups during the day and go for it with pants. For the first four days he tended to have a couple of accidents (wee) at least twice a day and pooed in his pants or in the nappy which he has on from over night until he gets dressed. He would sometimes refuse to go on the potty when prompted, but was putting himself on the potty without prompting to wee so I thought we were doing ok-ish
We had a social thing on day 5 which meant he had to wear pull ups for tge afternoon/evening. Since then he has (very politely) refused to go on the potty when prompted,

"DS do you need a wee? Let's have a sit on the potty/toilet "
"No thank you mummy I not sit on potty/toilet"
followed by weeing all over the floor moments later <sigh>

Is he putting up a "dirty protest"? Have I messed up with the afternoon/evening in pull-ups and blown the whole thing? And what do I do about the lift we are being given in someone elses car tomorrow? Risk pants or put him in pull ups and hope he doesn't lose interest in the whole thing completely?

thanks in advance for any advice

emmaloupolman Tue 31-May-11 19:24:45

I would say its pants or pull ups not both.
My ds is 2 6 months and started last wednesday had 1 accident the day after and he has been going to bed with pants on last 2 nights and no accidents i think pull ups are confusing and a waste of money.
I also did a sticker chart, as regards 2 car jjjjjjourney cant you put some thing underneath them in case

socialhandgrenade Tue 31-May-11 19:41:02

Thanks emmaloupolman, I can see pull-ups could be confusing, which is why I am feeling quite guilty about putting him in them for the social thing we went to. The problem is at the moment DS will have to wear something at night because he is never anything like dry in the morning. So does that mean I forget the whole thing until he's dry at night? Or can nappies be used at night and not in the day?

emmaloupolman Tue 31-May-11 20:04:57

Nappys can b used just for night time my friend started her ds end of febuary with knickers in the day time and only last week put her in knickers for bed.

My ds also wont poo on potty or toilet and does it in his pants (he doesn't do this at night) i have heard this is quiet common

socialhandgrenade Tue 31-May-11 21:12:01

Oh thanks, it is good to know that I can keep on with nappies at night, just couldn't face even more washing. So when and how do they get the idea not to poo in their pants? I've been showing him my poo in the toilet and getting him to flush and wave it goodbye and telling him that's what big boys and girls do, but what else can you do?

chinateacup Tue 31-May-11 21:39:54

Have seen this recommended on other similar threads where I have ben lurking
Not had much success with my previous attempts am waiting til our hols (joy) when I can give DS my full and undivided rather than relying my childminder's lame attempts

socialhandgrenade Tue 31-May-11 21:48:03

Thanks china, that looks really interesting. Pooland! grin

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