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DS brilliant for 3-4 weeks then all of a sudden cant be bothered with potty/toilet

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neverlookback Tue 31-May-11 17:20:24

hi ds is 2.7 we have been potty training for a few weeks and he has been fabulous, 1 accident a day most days and some totally accident free, he has even been dry at night most nights and wakes around 6 shouting wee wee, he has a selection of pottys and a toilet seat and uses them all but since sunday he seems to of just given up and doesnt say when he needs a wee and just does it in his pants and even if im reminding his "do u need a wee" he says no then 1 min later does it in his pants?? he did have a late night on sat and wondered if that was why Sunday was a bad day but it carried on yesterday and today he has had 4 accidents!! its like the novelty has worn off but were still praising etc and when he does have an accident we just say "oh dear lets get u changed"
He is very proud of being a big boy but doesnt seem bothered if i say we will have to go back to nappies etc

Any advice in this little regression? do we persevere? cant go back to nappies now can we when hes been out of them for almost a month?


Mabelface Tue 31-May-11 17:21:40

Very normal! The novelty has worn off, it's exactly that. Go back to the massive praise, maybe give him a sticker for each wee he does. He'll soon be back on track.

allhailtheaubergine Tue 31-May-11 17:23:14

Mine did this too.

The novelty has worn off.

You could put extra effort into being thrilled when he gets it right. Introduce a star chart or a chocolate button or something.

I ended up putting both of mine back into nappies for a while. They were quite happy. I was happy. Friends were pretty horrified though - it's a complete no-no for some reason. Worked for us, and then a few weeks later they happily went back into pants with not one accident.

neverlookback Thu 02-Jun-11 08:12:22

thanks for that, its weekend were he seems to let go and just not bother, im going to start giving stickers and nursery have said they will too, hes brilliant there and does not have many accidents at all.!

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