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Scared to wee!

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Squitten Mon 30-May-11 11:42:22

We thought DS (2.8) might be ready for toilet training and gave it a try this weekend. Started well enough Sat AM with just one accident and some wees in the loo but it has just deteriorated and yesterday he started running around, yelling in discomfort and holding his willie but said he wanted the "wees to stay in my winky". Eventually managed to coax him onto his loo seat where he squealed but did eventually pee. This happened twice before bed and there have been many other accidents. Bowel movements are a non-starter and always in his pants. He now really does not want to use the loo anymore.

My family, etc, are saying he just needs time and to use pull-ups, etc, but I'm very worried about the holding in of the wee - that's surely not a good sign right? I think the best course would be to give it a week off so he can forget all this, downgrade to a potty next weekend and just leave it around the house for him to get used to as he wants and take it from there.

Am I right to back off or should we be persevering despite his fears?

2ddornot2dd Mon 30-May-11 22:17:54

When I first started training DD1 at a similar age she went hours without weeing. (abou 4-5 hours during the day). We did persevere, but it took a couple of months. I think you should follow your instinct and back down. Then start again in a couple of months.

Make sure if he chooses to do one in the toilet/potty you go overboard with praise(and chocolate) and see if it just sorts itself on its own.

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