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2.3yr old keeps taking poo nappies off and making mess!

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Ichabod Sun 29-May-11 22:59:50

my ds is 2.3 & we're doing quite well with potty in the day, but at night he's a monkey! It started off that when first being p.trained that we kept his nappy on most of the time and took it off occasionally in the day, then at night we'd try to get him to go on the potty before putting him into his pyjamas and nappy. Sometimes he would go, but usually just for a wee. Then a regular pattern started to emerge where at around 9ish, he'd shout down that he'd done a poo. To start with, this wasn't too much of a problem as we'd just run up and change it - it was a bit annoying as it started happening every night but easily dealt with. However since we've really cracked on with potty training so that it's a no nappy rule in the daytime apart from at nap time, he shouts down and when we get up to him, he's already whipped his pooey nappy off! Usually the poo is still in the nappy and not 'visibly' anywhere else in the room, but I still go round sniffing and cleaning stuff with Milton Wipes. Occasionally there are a few smears on the floor or the door where he's obviously stood/touched it. So then we have the rigmarole of my hubby cleaning the room and me standing him in the sink and getting him cleaned up. It's now got to the point of him saying, "Mummy I've done a poo! I need to go bathroom for a sink wash!" He has been told again and again that he needs to shout mummy and daddy, but let US take his nappy off, but he just says 'sorry' and then proceeds to do it again the next night! I KNOW that he thinks of this as a bit of game now and a way of getting a bit more time with us at night/prolonging his bedtime etc; also he takes his nappy off because in the daytime, he's fully in control of taking his pants and trousers off to go for a wee/poo, so at night, it's confusing that he can't just take his nappy off, but how can I stop him doing this?

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