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So many wees...

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olaybiscuitbarrel Sat 28-May-11 16:22:39

DD has been showing signs of being ready to train for ages. She's just 2 now. She has been telling us about her wees and poos quite often, and we've had loads of them in the potty/on the toilet.

Today we have left her nappy off and put knickers on, and she has done 12 wees so far today!!!!! Only 5 of them in the potty/toilet. Its not the number of accidents I'm concerned about - I was expecting that - its the number of wees. It seems totally excessive, and I'm worried something is wrong!

She didn't wee at all during her hap (1hr 10 mins) but since waking up has done 4 little wees in an hour!

What do you think? Anyone else had anything like this?

Fredfred Sun 29-May-11 13:46:15

I am having exactly the same problem with my DD who is 2.6 except that she has not made it to the potty once despite having shown all the signs that she was ready. We are on day 2 of potty training and I'm going to give up if no luck by the end of the day. I am also worried there might be something wrong because of the number of wees so I'm going to chat to my HV on Tuesday about it. Will come back and re-post to let you know what she says.

Hopefully someone else on here might have an answer in the meantime?

Sounds like you're having more success than me at the potty training anyway!! smile

Meglet Sun 29-May-11 13:55:36

Both my dc's were like that with their first potty training attempts. They were both capable of using the loo and potty, but we wee-ing a few times an hour. With DS I stopped after a day (partly because we'd run out of clothes and pants) and we tried again a couple of months later, and a couple of months after that then we finally cracked it 8 months later when he was 3.5.

2.8 yo DD loves using the potty but still does lots of little wee's so after a recent failed attempt I've postponed her potty training for another couple of months.

I assume that lots of little pee's means they aren't quite ready.

olaybiscuitbarrel Sun 29-May-11 19:34:56

Well, today has gone about 10 times better than yesterday, and although she is still weeing pretty often, the gaps are getting steadily longer, so I feel a lot more optimistic. Only a few accidents today, and she told us she needed a wee a couple of times too, without prompting.

She was dry for her nap again, and went for an hour between wees twice this afternoon. I had started this morning putting her on the potty every half an hour, then lengthened it to 3/4 of an hour by lunchtime, then an hour by the end of the afternoon. My suspicion (and hope!) is that she is ready, but is just so used to doing lots of little wees in her nappy that it is a habit, and she'll gradually learn to hold it a bit longer.

Oh, and we have also introduced a bit of old fashioned bribery - chocolate buttons grin which has definitely sharpened her motivation!

However, I will keep an open mind, give it another 3-4 days and see where we are then!

xxsaralouxxx Sun 29-May-11 21:12:55

My 2.3yr old DS did exactly the same thing it was almost as if he was starting and stopping himself! Eventually I managed to get him to understand he had to 'finish' before he got off the potty - lots of 'do more! Lots more! Do BIG pees!' and loads of praise the bigger the wee!! Now we have the pees cracked but he's started to do the same with number twos - more often than not will start in his pants do a bit on the potty and the rest in the fresh pants! Needless to say think it's all part of the whole learning thingy and you'll get there in the end xxxxx

olaybiscuitbarrel Tue 31-May-11 14:39:24

Day 4 today, and no accidents yet. Yesterday she went at least 1 hour between wees, sometimes 2, and only had 1 wee accident (while we were at a friends house and it was all a bit hectic & distracting). Have had several poo accidents but I'm not too worried about those - she was doing most of her poos in the toilet last week so I know she can do it, I just think she's concentrating on wees at the moment!

So, although we are not there yet, massive progress has been made, and we have proved that she can actually hold her wees for quite a while - she just didn't feel the need to bother when she had a nappy on.

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