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dd understands that she needs pee/poo but does in pants

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pinkball12 Fri 27-May-11 17:43:40

PLEASE HELP!!! at wits end. been potty training since 3rd january(!). first couple of days fine. no pants on but could make it to potty to do pee or poo. day three pants on....lots of accidents.
Ended up just taking her to toilet every couple of hours but she would still poo herself. this eventually stopped so all was good!
then about 6 weeks ago back to square one peeing and pooing herself, tantruming if tried to bring her to toilet and was just generally a nightmare. have had her at doctor to check for infections.nothing.she'll now let me take her for wee wees but every day this week she has pood herself. managed to catch her about to poo herself today and got her to toilet just in time!!!
have tried everything, treats, charts, taking things away, shouting, EVERYTHING!!!!
have also tried to put her back in nappys but shes having none of it. also she is dry all night so she does understand!!
dd is now 2.10

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