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know when she needs to wee/poo but wont go on potty or

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threecurrantbuns Wed 18-May-11 14:17:35

DD has been bringing me her nappy for a while now when she has has a wee, so started training and the first day went really well.

Couldnt believe my luck.

But now she seem very anxious about using the potty/toilet and says her bottome hurts and she wants a nappy.

Been to dr and all is fine and have some stool softener to be on the safe side, but im worried about pushing the issue...should i let her have a nappy when she asks or stick to my guns, dont want her to get more anxious and put her off as now she has stopped telling me when she needs to go as she doesnt want to go on potty/toilet just holds on for as long as poss until she has an accident.

She was 3 in april im aware she is getting older but still dont want to put her off

kat1885 Fri 27-May-11 13:59:08

Must be something about 3 year olds from April! My DS refuses point blank to sit on the potty and cries and screams if we try and put him on it. He hates being dirty and will say when he's weed/poohed (sp?) but is (seemingly) impossible to train.

Have you put your DD in pants now as I don't know whether to just take the bull by the horns, put him in pants (again) and go for it.

He is willing to sit on the toilet but has never done a wee in it.

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