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I just put my 7 month dd on the potty ...

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sedgiebaby Mon 16-May-11 11:06:17

and she immediately started to bear down and did a huge poo within a minute of sitting there.

I'm a clueless first time mum, my mum told me to sit her on the potty at nappy changes as she did this and I was dry at 12 months. Its the second time I sat her on the potty. I was rather surprised, I'm guessing it has to be a fluke.

I've had no time to read up on this but I heard no attempts until 18 months, it cant do any harm if I continue doing the foregoing this early can it?

Iburntthecakes Tue 18-Sep-12 10:00:16

Thanks for this thread. It's answered several questions I've had! We've been trying this with DD who is now 7 weeks. I'm amazed how easily she takes to it even though she's so tiny. She tends to poo many times a day but I would say we catch 90% at night and maybe 50% in the day.
Can I ask a question - we're doing an in between sort of EC, using nappies and not worrying if we're out but I'm worried she might get confused about what she's doing. The EC people talk about babies being 'trained' to use nappies and I worry if we do too good a job that she might start being unhappy going in a nappy which is necessary at times. Im not really prepared to do without completely as endless floor cleaning wouldnt really be my thing! It sounds as if you didn't have this problem but I wondered if you had any thoughts about it having had much more experience.
Also, how long did you hold her over a potty - she'll sometimes strain for 10minutes plus and my back doesn't like it so she often ends up back in a nappy and we have to change her again 10 minutes later. Did you find that improved over time?

sedgieloo Fri 21-Sep-12 07:36:47

Hi Iburntthecakes. Oh I do not know really. I didn't do anything before 7 months, when she could sit up and I could perch her on the potty whilst I just laid out a fresh nappy etc and nappy change times. When I posted my question I did read about EC having not heard about it before, I watched some online videos etc. and thought - nah not for me! I did not really do nappy free time as such. But I sort of get the point about newborn babies tending to soil at nappy change time because of an instinct not to soil their beds? And this instinct perhaps being lost when we just persist with continuously putting them in nappies.

I am about to have a new baby, I don't think I will start any earlier this time around, I might bear in mind some of the points EC proponents make but I don't think I am brave or eco friendly enough to really go down that route.

sedgieloo Fri 21-Sep-12 07:38:59

Just to add that when we did come to potty training, not mega early but at 22 months, there were no accidents. Well I had one wee 3 weeks later but that was all. So I think it made it easier and sped it up a little bit, also we haven't dealt with poos in the nappy since 7 months, well only occasionally - one a month? So cleaner and saved a lot on nappies.

babyrose Fri 21-Sep-12 08:12:11

How are you getting on now? Ive started my 2.4 year old and he is doing well but just in the house so far and ive just red this, I think you are doing a great job well done!

sedgieloo Fri 21-Sep-12 08:43:07

Well I took her nappy off 2nd week of August she was 22 months and no accidents until 3 weeks later. That was just last week just a wee. Its fine since. I still put a nappy on her for naps but more often than not it is dry. So I am quite pleased with how it went. I did take the advice to commit, take the nappy off and not put it on again (except for sleeps) so as not to confuse, and I think this really helped although we had about 15 toilet stops the first day and being out for the day, a very hot day and heavily pregnant I was cheesed off but it quickly got less.

brettgirl2 Tue 02-Oct-12 09:43:09

My 8 month old does most of her poos on potty and also deliberately wees on it. I dont understand people who say 'whats the point' I mean whats the point in having horrible pooey nappies if there's no need?

I am also hoping it will help with real potty training. Dd1 hated pooing in a nappy and it lead to her being really anxious about going.

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