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I just put my 7 month dd on the potty ...

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sedgiebaby Mon 16-May-11 11:06:17

and she immediately started to bear down and did a huge poo within a minute of sitting there.

I'm a clueless first time mum, my mum told me to sit her on the potty at nappy changes as she did this and I was dry at 12 months. Its the second time I sat her on the potty. I was rather surprised, I'm guessing it has to be a fluke.

I've had no time to read up on this but I heard no attempts until 18 months, it cant do any harm if I continue doing the foregoing this early can it?

activate Wed 27-Jul-11 18:16:48

aparty from the huge financial advantage I see grin

EggyAllenPoe Wed 27-Jul-11 18:23:51

and less nappy rash smile

sedgiebaby Thu 28-Jul-11 11:26:28

Activate, well I think there are advantages, I'm not doing it for fun, and I am hoping it will make potty training easier later on. Its better for the environment. My budget is a consideration as we are struggling to make ends meet just now. Also I feel its more hygienic for her than having to clean squashed poop off her, and less soreness as she's quick to get a red bum when she does poo in her nappy even though I do not delay changes.

sedgiebaby Thu 28-Jul-11 11:28:44

Also I pretty much do this at nappy change time (e.g before naps/before and after bath) so she's getting her clothes off anyway. Unless I need the loo and don't know where to put her safely so I park her on the potty at the same time and usually catch a wee!

sanam2010 Thu 28-Jul-11 21:52:48

sedgiebaby, just saying hi as we're doing the same with our 9.5 month old pretty much since birth. DD really understands as well and is always so happy when she is on the potty, I always give her something to play with and then she sits there until it works.

If you want to start watching out for cues of when she might want to go, I think you will find that the times of day are similar (first thing in the morning for sure), other things I have noticed are when she has wind usually there is something behind it, also when breastfeeding she latches on and unlatches very fast even though I know she is hungry, not sure how it would be with bottlefeeding but I assume it could be similar. Also sometimes when I know she is tired but can't fall asleep it's often the reason.

We did it because where my husband's from that's what all people do and he was so shocked to see 2 and 3 year olds in nappies when he came here. He said in his country (in Asia) most children are nappy free around 12-18 months. I then read a study that even in Europe, children used to be nappy free around 12-18 months in the 50's and it is now getting later and later because people to bother to potty train as nappies are so easy, and children don't learn.

Oh, another really good thing to do to speed up success and the communication to do a lot of nappy free time at home in the summer with the change mat, because then you can see, just have a potty next to the baby and try whenever you think there might be a cue. It gets harder now that she's crawling though!! i need a giant change mat!

sambageeni Sun 31-Jul-11 19:55:05

I have 3dds, two were potty trained at 20 months and after reading this thread I'm going to start introducing potty to my 13 month old. Thanks for giving me lots of enthusiasm!

vincenta Fri 05-Aug-11 13:07:21

Well done!
My mum also suggested my to start potty training when my baby would sit up straight by himself, I started at 7 month.
Firstly mum advised me to put Daniel on potty after sleeps, and it worked very well.Then when he was 13 month old he refused to sit on potty and I just take off our potty ang give him some time, afterwards we started again.My mum told that I started to use potty at 12 month and my mother in law said the same thing about my hubby.
My son take his time when I put him on the potty if he wanted he wee or poo if not then afterwards he did some nice poo on my kitchen flour.I should say this flour seen a a lot of various poos and wees.
Then I tried other technique I suggested do wee together, I put his potty opposite our toilet and he enjoyed it a lot, afterwards he started to tell when he is ready to do wee.
Now he is 27 month and we use nappies only when we are going out-shopping, museum, playground etc.visits)because it is easier.
Even at night he is dry, the best thing is remind him to do his before sleep weesmile
There always be people who will think that potty training is impossible so early,also tehre will be people who will think that start potty training at 3 years its too late.Every toddler is different and what work for one will not work for other.
Early potty training will be rewarded afterwards but at the begginig there will be a lot of accidents and wees and poos in very different places.Just take it easy and don't forget to laugh and smile.

flyingintheattic Wed 24-Aug-11 23:54:56

Might partly be the sensation of air on her bits.

Nephew was a nightmare to change as everytime the nappy came off he decided to take a wee! HV said that boys have this reaction to the air.

idlevice Fri 26-Aug-11 12:46:18

The theory from hardcore EC is that yes, air on the bits does make them want to go as naturally as young babes they have an inbuilt sense not to soil their mother, as going back to when we were animals young babies would have been carried around all day by the mother & held out away from mother to go to the toilet on the ground, & it is only through more modern ways of civilisation that babies learn to ignore this & have to re-learn it when toilet training - whereas EC capitalises on it in the first place.

sedgiebaby Sun 04-Sep-11 20:08:39

Quick update with us for those who are interested. DD is now 11 months, I started to see that she was only wanting to go for a poo after breakfast and dinner just before her bath, normally she will do a wee as well but I'm not so worried about the wees right now. We also try again after her bath, when she almost always does a big wee. The result being I normally use 3 nappies in 24 hours, just for wees.

As well as cheaper, I find its soooooo much easier and cleaner as she will not keep still when I'm changing her and this isn't fun with a dirty nappy. Not sure of my next steps if anyone has any ideas?! I'm in no hurry but thinking if she starts to be dry after a nap (something I'm starting to notice) I may pop her on the potty at this time also.

I don't think this is 'air on her bits' making her go, because she doesn't wee when she has a bare bum (not that I do much nappy free time, but sometimes or of course when changing) unless she is on the potty.

LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Tue 06-Sep-11 12:59:26

Well done Sedgie, I applaud you. How can anyone think it is easier to get squashed poo out of (particularly girls') genitals than to sit a baby on the potty a few times a day? And as you say, the cost, the waste, the soreness...nappy multinational brainwashees, I say.

I too followed my mum's advice and people are astonished time and time again to hear that with each of them (one boy one girl) I barely had to deal with another dirty nappy after 8 months.
My daughter was out of nappies in the day by 2, son by 2.4, but I wasn't so bothered about the weeing really.

Keep up the good work and just pop her on the pot whenever it's convenient for you. smile

FloydieDoydie Tue 06-Sep-11 13:26:55

Any recommendation as to the type of potty that would be most comfortable for a smaller tot?

My DSD is 14 months, and detests having her nappy changed with a fiery vengeance (also getting dressed and having nails cut - think the real issue is being restricted - although loves having her teeth brushed) so maybe she might like a go at this.

Would prefer one in a nice colour though - don't like blancmange pink! smile

sedgiebaby Tue 06-Sep-11 16:01:33

Thank you for the encouragement rarer than tigers!

Floydie - I have two but like my plain white poundshop one. Its a nice snug fit! When you try it, my tip is, put her feet flat on the ground to encourage things, and give her something to play with - you just never know she may get it right away or she may jump straight off as happened with my friend but worth a try - why not.

maygirl Sat 10-Sep-11 00:19:09

Hi sedgiebaby, sounds great! Same as rarerthantigers here, DS and DD all poos in potty from tiny, ds out of nappies in day 19mths and DD totally out of nappies 17mths.
As for next steps, I just started to offer potty/toilet at all nappy changes and after naps, like you're doing. Then DD started to still be dry around the time i'd expect to need to change a nappy, so would take her for a wee knowing must have to go, and put the dry nappy back on. I'd do this even if we were out and about, so she got used to using other toilets, and we saved nappies. If I needed the loo myself I'd take take her too, as we were in there! Around 1yr both DC began to be able to say 'wee wee' while going on the potty, and progressed to saying it before started to wee. Once they could communicate things really took off.
If we were staying in I'd leave nappy off most of the time, (couldn't face the battles floydie!) and they began to let me know when wanted to go, or would go and sit on potty themselves. With DD I started to make short trips out to park or school run nappy free if I knew she'd recently had a wee and we'd be 'safe'! Both children never let me know if needed a wee if they had a nappy on, it was like they assumed I wanted them to use it! Bare bum and they would ask to go! Both were dry after naps a while before out of nappies, so I stopped using a nappy at nap times. With DD when got to stage of only 1-2 nappies a day I stopped using them and we take a potette out and about with us. WIth DS it was his nursery who suggested he sounded ready to be taken out of nappies, I didn't really know when to take this step with my pfb blush !
When we're out DD just usually needs to go when I do, so mostly use toilets. If she doesn't need to go she will not let me undress her or won't sit down, she will never just 'try' for me, like before going out somewhere! I have to trust her!
Floydie the babybjorn potty is small and stable, or a toilet seat insert would be fine at your DDs age- might like being grown up!

muslimah28 Mon 12-Sep-11 22:16:22

Sedgie I've been fOllowing yr progress over the months and I just wanted to say how impressed I am. You've done what i was aiming for, early toilet training rather than full blown ec. The prob I've had is that altho I've been putting 16mo ds on the toilet since he was 8mo - we had a potty pause in that time tho for a couple of months- he still hasn't produced a wee or poo sad recently ive been putting him on the loo once he's started pooing but then when on loo he stops. still, cleaning him after a poo is so much easier on the toilet than dealing with wipes and cotton wool. So I'm very pleased eith the slow progress we've made. But i do wish he'd just wee or poo on the toilet too!

shineypenny Mon 12-Sep-11 22:32:54

Wow! I've just read your thread and it sounds like you're doing really well. My two are both well out of nappies now, but I wondered if you have thought of baby signing? This is where you sign the word for potty to your baby (not sure if there is an official sign, but you could make one up?) and, hopefully, your baby will learn the sign and sign to you when she needs the potty. We had some success with signing with our daughter when she was little, although sadly we didn't teach her a word for potty. Good luck

muslimah28 Tue 13-Sep-11 21:17:47

There is a sign for toilet - we do baby sign- it's when you stuck your middle finger out and hold all other fingers in a fist slimed like you're swearing lol and then you point to your shoulder wih hand in that position. If that makes no sense at all, there are websites that show u, on iPod so can't link but you can google BSL sign toilet. I think in ASL the sign is different also, more like waving, but can't remember it as well.

muslimah28 Tue 13-Sep-11 21:18:57

iPod also to blame for slimed, should read kind of!

sedgieloo Sun 02-Sep-12 20:54:06

Just updating to say I was able to get her out of nappies in the day at 22 months with no difficulties and no accidents. I dont meed to remind her ahe asks even if swimming or in the bath. I think it was worth getting her used to the potty early, and saves a bit of money i probably will do the same again with next baby.

laracroft2001 Sun 02-Sep-12 21:05:19

Excellent thread- has inspired me to try with my 9mo dS from tomorrow. He is usually very regular

1944girl Sun 02-Sep-12 21:07:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sedgieloo Mon 03-Sep-12 18:48:22

1944girl, exactly what my mum says. She reckons I was dry at about a year, I actually did not believe her thinking she was exaggerating but maybe not.

I think it is a good economical and stress free way which is in between the EC method and the waiting and waiting until they are basically asking to use the loo when they are 2-3 years or older. But to be fair she was practically asking by 22 months, saying 'weewee is coming', so I thought we would be OK. I'm just glad to have it sorted before the next baby is born in a few weeks.

jigglypuffjulie Fri 07-Sep-12 22:21:35

Good for you the earlier they are comfortable with a potty the better. I am having real problems at the moment with potty training, one of the reason i think is because i have waited too long.

jazzandh Thu 13-Sep-12 20:26:05

We did the same as Sedgie with DS2 he's out of nappies in the day now at 22 months too.

Not difficult at all, and since 8 or 9 months have more or less been able to go out and about without having to change a dirty nappy. We only had wet ones apart from maybe a handful of occasions in all that time. Well worth it!

medicmommy Fri 14-Sep-12 11:49:47

We have done the same, although from 8 months. She pees first thing in the morning when she wakes up. Some music plays as soon as she pees and seems to love that. She has also pooped once. I also put her on the potty before bath time in the evening.
DH is not interested though (he doesn't take her in the morning when he is looking after her) so I don't think we are progressing, she is just enjoying the music coming from the potty for now.

My friend always started early and it seemed to work for her. Her first was trained before 18 months and her second seems to be getting on well and she is 13 months old now.

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