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I just put my 7 month dd on the potty ...

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sedgiebaby Mon 16-May-11 11:06:17

and she immediately started to bear down and did a huge poo within a minute of sitting there.

I'm a clueless first time mum, my mum told me to sit her on the potty at nappy changes as she did this and I was dry at 12 months. Its the second time I sat her on the potty. I was rather surprised, I'm guessing it has to be a fluke.

I've had no time to read up on this but I heard no attempts until 18 months, it cant do any harm if I continue doing the foregoing this early can it?

girlscout Mon 16-May-11 11:22:34

Good for her ,and you!
A lot of people will say that at this early age its not toilet training and it probably isn't but its a nice thing for her to do if she gets praise for it ,on th odd occasions it might work. I've got pictures of mine at 10 months sitting and laughing on the potty. Dont think she was out of nappies any earlier but it was a nice low stress thing for her to do .

belgo Mon 16-May-11 11:24:41

This early method is called elimination communication and there is loads of stuff on the internet.

I can't see the harm, in fact it's good to teach her how to poo in a sitting position rather then lying or standing. That's one thing that toddlers find hard, sitting down to poo, if they have only ever pooed standing up.

coccyx Mon 16-May-11 11:25:02

madness, buy her a toy

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 16-May-11 11:34:48

Good for you, as long as it is stress free it's a great thing to do, both mine had potties before they were one and both were totally dry in the day before their second birthday.

sedgiebaby Tue 17-May-11 10:30:54

Thanks for the comments all. I didn't sit her on the potty again until this morning, well that is my husband attempted when he got her up and she put her legs out straight and would not sit down on it... Anyway I just tried after her morning nap and to my surprise she once again immediately (that second) started to bear down and did a big poo and also this time a wee in the potty - it cannot be coincidence can it?

With it being her suggestion, my mother is as smug as!!!

Having thought about it, I'm going to persist a little in a totally stress free 'baby led weeing' kind of way, after all I recall my aunt taught her cat to go in the toilet bowl and my 7 month old is more intelligent than that!!! grin

This sound like I'm making it up but I promise not...

belgo Tue 17-May-11 10:54:47

after all I recall my aunt taught her cat to go in the toilet bowl and my 7 month old is more intelligent than that!!

grin can't argue with that!

sedgiebaby Tue 17-May-11 11:09:21

I'm still completely astounded though at twice in two days - she obviously knows what it is for, I only just bought the potty so there has been no 'introduction' I just popped her on it!

MrsRhettButler Tue 17-May-11 11:15:10

i am pg with my second and i was planning on using this method.... i hate nappies grin

i haven't read much about it yet but i know you can start extremely early doing this, its all about knowing your babies routine and putting them on the potty when you know they are ready... i.e for a small baby as soon as they feed they usually wee.

good luck and update please if it works for you long term

sedgiebaby Tue 17-May-11 11:41:32

Ok mrsrb I'll update no problem. I don't intend to get that serious yet about training her though, I read about this EC method and I don't think its for me/us, but I'm going to continue to pop her on the potty at bathtime and nappy changes and see what happens.

belgo Tue 17-May-11 11:47:37

I think that's a good approach. I didn't do EC but a friend who did opened my eyes to another way of potty training, making me understand that many baby can be at least partly potty trained.

girlscout Tue 17-May-11 12:29:36

You are a very eco-friendly mum smile

Pootles2010 Tue 17-May-11 12:33:56

Very interesting, I might try this with my ds... Only prob is, he always poo's exactly same time, during his meals! Can't exactly feed him on potty can I?

sedgiebaby Tue 17-May-11 12:58:42

I don't know pootles but my dd poo's at random times since weaning her (used to be when she woke up in the morning) so this is another reason why I'm surprised she's gone on cue these two times as soon as I put her on the potty.

Why not try getting lunch ready and putting him on the potty first see if he gets the idea!? (I'm now some expert full of ideas aren't I?!)

Pootles2010 Tue 17-May-11 14:18:04

No you may be right sedgie. Worth a try!

sedgiebaby Tue 17-May-11 19:20:35

OK so I won't keep on but...

I just put her on the potty again at bedtime, just the second time today as we have been out, I handed her a toy and made hissing (wee wee) noises a couple of minutes go by, I check...and yep...another wee


MrsRhettButler Wed 18-May-11 10:15:56

Wow! I think you're right about it being a good way to partly potty train, it must make it easier for when theyr older and are ready to fully go for it

And yes, getting rid of nappies earlier = uber eco friendly

sedgiebaby Wed 18-May-11 11:08:23

OK this will be my last ablution update, but for the third time/day after her am nap I put her on the potty and for the third time a big poo along with about half a cup of wee, practically immediately after removing nappy and sitting her on. I'm still stunned and highly amused.

I'll update if there is longer term success for MrsRB and in case it helps/interest others

belgo Wed 18-May-11 12:35:09

grin that;s great. Every wee/poo on the potty is the cost of a nappy saved.

Alfalpha Sat 28-May-11 22:18:21

Just wondering if you have any update on your potty training situation sedgie? I'm interested because I'm thinking of starting with my nearly 11mo and wondered if it was too early.

sedgiebaby Sun 29-May-11 09:06:40

Hello Alfalpha, yes its been a couple of weeks now, and she does poo's and wee's every day in her potty. She goes most times and right away. It seems not to be unusual for her to do more than one poo and wee each day so she obviously 'gets' it and has some level of control.

However I am not quite sure where I am going with it now, its not like she can 'tell' me me she wants a wee yet, so I'm not really toilet training as such! But it is no big deal, I just pop her on at nappy change time/bath time and if I see her having a poo and labouring it (straining loads) and potty is nearby I will pop her on as it seems to help her. I'm saving some nappies and hopefully she will train a bit easier later on.

Despite her age, I don't feel like I'm doing the wrong thing because funnily enough somehow she likes sitting on it, I just hand her a little object to hold and look at and I take her off long before she gets fed up, I think she would happily sit there for ages! This surprises me because she is a sparky thing who needs to be constantly engaged and is easily board, so anyway so far, so good. All the best with your efforts!

Alfalpha Sun 29-May-11 19:48:41

Thanks sedgie I see what you mean about managing to use the potty but not really being able to tell you at other times she is weeing/pooing, I think that's prob what I'll end up doing with my dd, worth it to save some nappies too! I don't hold out much hope of keeping her on it though, she does not stay still for anything, even giving her an object doesn't work, she just throws things! Think I will give it a go when I've got a stretch of time at home with her, as I'm back at work now.
Thanks for your reply.

sedgiebaby Tue 26-Jul-11 10:07:18

In case anyone is interested 2.5 months later and she is using the potty about 3-4 times a day at nappy change/bath and does a poo or wee 9 times out of ten. She rarely poos in her nappy now. Its a bit odd but she doesn't mind sitting on the potty despite the fact that she doesn't sit still at any other time, perhaps this is the benefit of starting early, I don't know.

Obviously she is not potty trained as she cannot tell me when she wants to go but I'm saving on nappies which is important now I'm on the unpaid part of my mat leave and money is more than tight!

Dorje Wed 27-Jul-11 18:14:35

That's great work sedgiebaby. My DD pooped never pooped into her nappy either. I'd hold her in a squating position, with her feet on the floor, and she'd poop - even as a new born, if I held her feet firmly up to her chest (as if she was standing) she'd poop. It's the bearing down squating position that works.

activate Wed 27-Jul-11 18:16:02

fine if you want to

but what is the point of potty training if they can't dress themselves? doesn't help you at all does it

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