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small pants!

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pastagirl Tue 11-Jan-11 20:15:17

hi there
i a small 2.5 DS and he is a bit on the small side. He is really ready to use the toilet and use big boy pants but i can't find any to fit him. That's not true i have found some in polarn o pyret but they are so expensive i just can't buy as many at £20) and so was wondering if anyone out thre had a similar problem and knew where to buy them. Her currently fits the POP size 74/80 for 6- 12 months old.

Flame Tue 11-Jan-11 20:20:20

Tumble drying the smallest ones you can find helps a bit

greenlotus Tue 11-Jan-11 20:27:37

I have a small pair of Bright Bots if you're interested I would be happy to post. But perhaps he's past trainer pants.

We had same problem, I think the best ones came from a market stall with a big box of different sized kids pants I sorted through to find all the tiniest ones. Then my mum found some very skimpy sized 12-18mths ones in Lidl IIRC.

Even now DS2 is 5yo and wearing 18-24 month pants grin

greenlotus Tue 11-Jan-11 20:30:30

Also nothing to stop you buying small pants and taking a good tuck out of both sides on a sewing machine. IME cheaper brands are cut smaller (for the same 'age') than more expensive ones: mothercare; M&S are huge.

pastagirl Tue 11-Jan-11 21:03:25

cheers for your reponses, my next plan was to take a snip out of the asda 1/12-2 year old size i just wondered if they would be a bit bulky on the side but will get machine out on weekend i think.
green lotus. funny you should say about bright bots i looked at those on amazon.that is really sweet but no thanks think he is a bit past training pants. poor kid is asking to put the pants on but i only got 4 pairs ( of the POP ones, very stylish but too expensive when not on sale!) so is just on before and after nursery. and they are mostly lasting.
we have a lidl down the road. it is totally amazing the stuff they have in that place. i try to get most of my fruit and veg there... so cheap and usually tastes like it is supposed to!
just while i have you hooked fancy trading brands that you find good for skinny minnys? i have found POP quite good ( as i say on sale) and most of the swedish brands. find supermarket brands mostly too big on waist and not long enough. sometimes Boots!and M&S. we mostly survive on handmedowns from cousins. any tips?
cheers for your time

greenlotus Tue 11-Jan-11 22:25:53

For skinny boys: GAP and Next best, often with an extra tuck in the back or elastic threaded through, especially the skinny rib pyjamas from GAP whilst he still fits them. Vertbaudet have a reputation for coming up small too.

Asda used to do a very cheap (£2) tracksuit bottom which is narrow in the waist and good for the days of "accidents". We have hand me downs too but the trousers never fit as they come from a sturdier family.

Next actually do (from the Directory) slim fitting school trousers but then I have two thin boys to get the value out of them, used them for the first time this year and they seem good.

Just a warning those button-elastic trousers can leave a lumpy button rubbing inside the waist, I think I'm going to stitch the elastic to size instead and take the buttons off.

imgonnaliveforever Sun 16-Jan-11 20:16:55

Mothercare do 12-18 months which came up ok on my very small son when he was trained at 2.5. Have a look at a few different designs as they all seem to come up slightly different (e.g. mothercare own come up differently to bob the builder ones bought in the same shop.

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