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DS terrified of public loos. Any ideas of how to tackle this?

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wigwam1973 Mon 10-Jan-11 13:25:31

Hi there

We're into the second week of potting training DS2, who's 2.10 yrs old. Despite a few accidents last week, he's done really well and although he doesn't ask to go, when I plonk him on the potty, he does a wee/poo pretty reliably, which is great.

The only problem is that he is terrified of public loos, and refuses to go anywhere near them. In fact, this morning at Toddler Group he refused to do a wee completely and managed to hold on until we came home (about 4 hours since his last wee). I'm very impressed with his holding ability, but of course, I want him to be able to use the loo while we're out and about. Actually, he doesn't want to use his potty out and about either - only happy to do it at home. I've asked him what it is about the public loos he doesn't like, but he just says 'don't touch the button, Mummy' (I think he means not to flush the loo) - I don't think he's scared by hand driers.

Has anyone been through anything similar, or do you think it will just disappear with time.

Thanks, in advance.

mum295 Thu 13-Jan-11 12:36:11

No advice, just wanted to say that my DD is absolutely terrified of hand driers. She becomes hysterical if one is set off near her. She is 28 months, not yet potty trained but even going into public toilets to change nappies is a minefield.

And if I ever meet the person who thought putting a hand drier in the baby changing cubicle was a good idea, I will not be responsible for my actions!

So maybe that is it?

DanceInTheDark Thu 13-Jan-11 12:41:54

It probably is the hand drier you know. DS2 is still terrified of them and would rather wet himself that go in a public loo (altho he does go in) He is nearly 6. Th are so unpredictable, some of them you walk past and they go off some of them barely blow but are REALLY loud. Pop a flannel in his bag (assuming you take one in case of accidents) for him to dry his hands on.

If it's not the driers he will get used to going. Just easier on a familiar loo with its familiar sounds i guess

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