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I'm on day 3 of potty training and I feel like just giving up.

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MsSparkle Fri 07-Jan-11 10:27:07

I feel really disappointed because I really thought my ds, 2 years, was ready. I have potties from when I did my dd, I bought big boy pants for him and books and made sure I had a week with nothing on.

Day 1 he got 5 wees in the potty, brilliant, and also had loads of accidents on the floor including 4 poos.

The wees in the potty were more coincidence because he had been sat on it for quite sometime. He doesn't mind sitting on it whilst we watch tv or read one of his potty books.

Yesterday wasn't as bad, he had some accidents and also got some wees and one poo in the potty. Again though, that was by chance that he got them in because he was sat on the potty for ages. If he is wandering around in his pants, he will just go and not attempt to or even ask for his potty.

Today he has had a wee in his pants, which I didn't make a fuss over. I just stuck him on the potty and he didn't do anything.

We dropped dd at pre school, came back and he wanted to sit on the toilet. So I thought for a moment he might be one of those kids who prefers the toilet to the potty. So we went up and he sat on it for a couple of seconds, got off and wanted loo paper. He didn't go but I was happy he was enjoying the role play of the toilet.

Then he went to his bedroom and came back to tell me he had done his wee, it was on the bedroom floor. Again I showed no annoyance to him but felt really disheartened inside.

So we put fresh pants on and went downstairs. I reminded him of the potty and said he should do his wee wees and poos in the potty in a fun, light voice. He came back in the room and had pooed his pants.

Today I just feel tired and fed up. The fact that he goes in the potty when sitting on it for a long time and doesn't attempt to get to it or ask for it when he goes in his pants is saying to me he isn't ready.

What do you think?

MsSparkle Fri 07-Jan-11 11:02:07


ChildofIsis Fri 07-Jan-11 11:12:46

Do you think that he's not ready yet?

He's only young still and doesn't seem to really understand the messages his body's sending out.

Might it be less stressful for you to postpone it for a while.

MsSparkle Fri 07-Jan-11 11:25:20

I think I will postpone it actually. With my dd, she was 2.5 and did it in a week. She had a rocky couple of days then just got it. My ds doesn't seem to have got it at all.

I did just say to him though, do you want mummy to put you in nappies or would you like to stay in your pants and go on the potty and he said "no mummy I want to stay in my pants".

thinbridewaitingtogetout Fri 07-Jan-11 11:31:31

I was exactly the same, DD go was done in a week by 2.5 and with DS even tho i tried when he was 2 then again a few months later he was not ready (i only tryed for a day each time and new he did not get it) and he was 2.8 and he was done in a couple of days.

In fact i think he was easyier than DD.

TrollyDolly1 Fri 07-Jan-11 11:46:45

I trained my ds last year, he was 2.5. I downloaded a book from the Internet, the potty trainer. basically she said to do as you have said, make sure you have a week of nothing to do (she actually says a weekend but I thought that was maybe not long enough). Then, get your kitchen timer and set it for 10 mins. When it goes off make a huge fuss, "guess what ds?! It's potty time!" then off you go to whichever they want, be it the potty or the toilet. Let them sit on it for as long as they want and when they get back off start the timer again. The first day, every time that bloody alarm went off and I had to get all enthusiastic I was cringing inside, but he loved it.

We started on the Monday and on the Saturday we were going to an air show, all outside, port a loos etc and I was nervous. But, during the week I gradually increased the time from every 10mins up to an hour. I bought him a book called even firefighters go to the potty, I also got him a bumbo toilet seat and as a special treat he could read that book whilst on the toilet, no other time. He is slightly obsessed by fire engines and I searched on google and found an 8 min video on youtube of a fire engine parade. (I know, dividing stuff) but he could watch that on my iPad on the toilet/potty. I also bought a portable potty from mother care.

Sorry, I am going on, but anyway, Saturday and the airshow arrived and dp and I struggled down to the beach front with so many changes of clothes it was laughable, but he stayed dry all day. He asked to go to the potty when ever he needed and has done ever since.

Maybe I was just lucky, and you do say you trained your dd but, just wanted to maybe help? Hope it works out for you.

MsSparkle Fri 07-Jan-11 12:16:44

Thanks guys that is really encouraging. I have put him back in his nappy and he seems happy. I feel like a big fat failure, maining because I have sat in with him for 3 days but if he isn't ready he isn't ready. I am not one of those people who will try and force it when he isn't ready and end up with months of stress and accidents when I could just wait and do it in a week yes i am talking to you mil

dolly Was it the bournemouth air show you went to?

ChezzaB Fri 07-Jan-11 15:56:49

DS 1 is obsessed by stickers so i used stickers as a bribe incentive. I would say if he did a wee in the potty he could have one sticker and if he did a poo he would get 2 stickers. He used to proudly stick them on his potty seat. He got the weeing thing straight away but poo was a totally different matter. He would wait till he had his night time nappy on till he went every night with out fail.

We bought a sticker chart, it had 4 rows with space for 8 stickers on each row so we said that every time he filled a row he would get a toy and it worked. Ok so he did try to go about 5 times a day when he actually realised he got something but I didn't care if it was working!

TrollyDolly1 Fri 07-Jan-11 22:33:50

No - it was Sunderland. Its on the beach and really good, but bloody FREEZING! I have never been so cold!

Sopster Sat 08-Jan-11 09:58:26

My little boy was just 3 when we did it and we did it in a week (he had no wees at all in potty for first 4 days though and only did one on the 4th night when I was ready to give up). I think boys are often much later at doing this than girls. My daughter is only 14 months yet I have no doubt she will be trained at 2!
We also used a reward chart which really worked well and we're reusing it fgor other stuff (eating issues!) now (My Big Star Chart from Hope that helps. Don't beat yourself up about it x

merryberry Sat 08-Jan-11 10:05:04

Maybe too early. DS1 took a week at age 3 1/4 and ds2 is already 2 3/4 and we're dying to be done with nappies, but he really doesn't get it yet, he barely knows when he has anything in his nappy, and he has no regular time for pooing which I think is very helpful. When ds1 developed a regular time, that was when we made the leap so well. maybe tell him he has done very well learning about the potty and toilet, and now it's time to stop for a while. let it sink in. try again in summer?

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